Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where to begin... in other words a really LONG post!!

Where to begin - so much to say!  (warning: very VERY long post!)

Last week was a busy week with the dairy farm tour on Wednesday!! We had well over a 1000 people stop by the farm to see the 5 robots, the Juno (automatic feed pusher), the reno by Agriline Construction (looking forward to having my Dad and brothers in my vicinity again soon!!), the conveyer belt and so much more :)  I baked what I thought was a fair bit and Mary Anne Dick baked some scrumptious cinnamon buns and cookies but it was all gone long before noon!!  What a fabulous day we had!  We also had 11 puppies born that same day!

We had 2 power outage days last week - Thursday due to a fire in Yarrow and on Friday due to the HUGE fire at the BC Hydro substation!  Apparently 150,000 litres of oil burnt (or something like that - fire fighter Derek will have to correct me if I'm wrong!)

Here is last week in photos:

If you are thinking... didn't you just have puppies!!  I know!!  This was NOT intentional...  we had plans of skipping Jessie's heat this time but the neighbour border collie had other ideas!  He squeezed through 6 inches of open window on the side of Ben's truck.  We had Jessie locked in the truck with the window open for a little fresh air and this is the result - plus a scratched side of the truck from the back paws of the collie trying to force himself in!!  CRAZY!

The start of the fire from our house...  approximately 3.5 miles away...
1.5 hours after the blaze started we drove down to Hopedale Road and took these pictures...  fire fighters were hard at work already for an hour trying to put it out

 Here are a few of my favourite shots of Ranen with Mia... yes, they love eachother :)

The joys of no power - Capturing moments like this :)

Loving these expressions!!!

 Enjoying our Bible for Mission treasures:

This week so far has been filled with 'wonderful' things like taxes!

Yes, the government wants there taxes (didn't you know that Winston Blackmore!) and they want them on time...  hopefully February 1st was 'on time' enough :) 
A HUGE thank you to my Mom for taking Ranen yesterday so I could accomplish 3 months of accounting :)  Love you MOM... you are so wonderful and Ranen loves it by you!

And then I went to pick her up and we cut her hair!!  We now have a little boy...

Her first haircut ever and it needed a good trim - next time we might go for style instead of a good healthy trim :)

Before and After!

We are enjoying some gorgeous weather this week so the laundry hangs outside (over the partially frozen winterized pool!!)  And the towels smell so lovely...  especially when I time it to when they are not pumping manure :)

Then today ... I called over Opa and Oma Lindhout!!  They always say - just give us a call, we are retired and we LOVE to help you... just make sure there is laundry ready to fold before you call!  Well, today turned out to be the perfect day:

Let's just say - I love them so much! 
(and they did get a great dinner out of the deal!!)
... and Ranen loves the company! - and Opa enjoys helping with printing (when he is not doing Sudoku that is!) 

Cayden and Auntie Cathrine came to help on Tuesday with printing...  these two love each other and need everything the same...  bottle time!!

On Monday night we picked up my parents at Abbotsford airport - they spent the weekend in Alberta and came home bearing gifts!  Thank you so much, Oma Oudshoorn, for the wonderful sweater!!  You did a great job and it looks lovely!!

I love the style....  Thanks again :)

February 1st ... a special day for Steve!  Happy Birthday - love you a lot :)  I'll make up for this being a day late by hopefully producing a bunch of baking for you while you work next door!!

Today ... a special day for Aunt Carla - Congrats!!  I know you feel spoiled but you deserve it :) 
Love you :)  Aunt Carla (on the right... quite a few years back...)

Have a great night... now I am ready for bed:) xo


  1. Well, I sure enjoy this post, as always!!! You know, Opa and Oma helping you like that reminds me of the many times Opa Traas would do the same when I was your age... IT MADE MY DAY when he would stop by for a cup of coffee and say: "I'm going to the store, do you need anything?" Mostly though, you kids had a special bond with him. He always acknowledged each of you and had a kind word for everyone. I'm sure you remember the many times he would peel potatoes or prepare beans for supper, or when it was the time of the year that apples were in abundance, he would not want to miss making applesauce. Such wonderful memories!!! Mom

  2. Minny Minny:) Big blog! Love it!! So cute when kids love animals hey? I have a few like that too! Check out on our blog what happened to Romi today:( Poor thing.. Sure lovin' the pic from the

  3. Hey Mar! Absolutely love those pics from Ranen and Maia! Definetly want the one where she has that BIG smile for on my bulletin board! I love her hair cut too! So cute!
    xoxo Laura


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