Tuesday, February 14, 2012


How can they set one day aside to celebrate love... it deserves to be celebrated everyday :) 

I am totally not the type of person that needs a gift or the like
but much rather prefer quality time spent together...
 actually I think spending tons of money on flowers or dinner is kind of a waste -
but then again, that is just me and my opinion!!
Enjoy your day everyone - however you like :)

For me, celebrating love means
an extra long cuddle,
an extra kiss,
giving credit when credit is due, 
helping with the less desirable jobs,
seeing and noticing eachothers positives,
complimenting another,
going out of your way to make someone smile,
showing someone you care,
being there in time of need,
keeping secrets,
having dinner on the table,
being sweet,
expressing love the way your spouse needs it expressed,
giving someone time to themself,
showing you desire to be together,
laughing together,
crying together,
telling someone they are beautiful,
granting someone the freedom to express themselves,
setting time aside for special moments,
sending jealously off on one HUGE bundle of helium balloons,
surprising eachother,
a back rub,
saying no to pride, being humble,
letting the other sleep in,
holding hands,

A few pictures from last week:

 Ranen loves helping unload the clean cutlery...  (and even though we need to completely rearrange the cutlery drawer afterwards - Mommy loves the fact she helps!!)

Showing the fly a little love!! 

Looking for Daddy (Uncle Ben) to whizz by! (or preferably stop so we can have a ride!!)

 Daddy giving Mommy some treasured alone time!!  I love my daughter and really enjoy spending time together but once in a while, separation is a good thing:)
Thanks Love!!

wishing you all a fabulous day!!


  1. So true...that love is meant to be celebrated every day. Wishing you an extra-specially nice day today though!

    I love that Ranen likes to put away the cutlery. She'll be peeking over the edge of that drawer before you know it!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! ...and if you and Ben DO get done early, you MAY bring Ranen here and go out for dinner...just sayin'...(I am barbequeing a fine steak and adding all the toppings, and such, for my wonderful hubby, but Ranen could join us, cause it looks like everyone else who lives here,won't :) Mom

  3. Isn't it so neat how, by expressing what LOVE means to you and how you show yours to others, you can read someone's 'love language'? Fascinating, I find:) Hope you have a LOVELY day with your dear ones; I know I will! xo

  4. So true... a book very worth reading!! We aim to read it yearly around here! :) Titled: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman - available locally at Verses book store!


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