Monday, February 20, 2012

A great week!

Last week was great...
we accomplished so much and had some fabulous days

Now... last week in pictures :)

We spent some quality time 'playing' together...  this wooden puzzle is a much loved item right now (picked up for $1 at a kids swap 2 weeks ago!)  Ranen already knows every item on the puzzle!  She loves to learn and soaks everything in!
 Daddy builds the BEST towers :)
... even Ranen knows - she sees this picture and says 'Daddy'

During Tuesday morning's wake up cuddles we got to watch a high-hoe load onto a trailer!  Much to Ranen's delight :)

On Tuesday Auntie Cathrine and Cayden came for work and Auntie Richelle and Taycin also stopped by!  We had fun - especially eating oreo cookies :) and seeing the puppies!
Yup, it was really good!

... just like Daddy!...

Thursday evening we handed out the calendars - a long awaited gift!

We started organizing family nights every other Thursday night - a GRAND idea! 
Love being able to see everyone regularly :)

My Wednesday picture was taken on my phone (not too sure if I am able to get it from there to the computer!)  Ranen was allowed to go with Daddy in the big Xerion tractor all the way to the shop in Abbotsford... so much fun!
Friday, my camera was dead, but I still got a picture - it is on Ben's phone and will have to get it from him!  A great shot of Daddy/Ranen time - Ben tossing her onto fluffed up pillows/comforters on the bed!

Saturday we did some groceries and picked up some new nursery rhyme cds!! Yippee - we were getting so sick of the old one!!  Also picked up a new book at Verses - will let you know how it is when I am done reading it - might just be another one of those books that I share with EVERYONE!
(I'm kind of known for passing around 'the 5 love languages' because I just love the book
and think it is great!!  ... a benefit to read!)

Onto the next project on my list...  xo


  1. Quite the fab shot of the glasses perched precariously on your mother's nose:)
    Enjoy tackling the rest of your list!

  2. Hi Marlies, not sure if you know/remember me, but I just have to leave a comment also after seeing the picture of your mother and her glasses! Looks like her arms are getting a little short....seems your dad also suffers from that problem! haha ;)I actually used to babysit you and your older 2 brothers when you guys lived on Osborne Rd. I somehow just stumbled on your blog while reading comments on another blog....don't even remember how/what I was reading anymore! Love the older pics of your parents, as that is totally how I remember them! I occasionally still run into your mom at the grocery store. You have a beautiful little girl and its really neat to see pictures of your whole family. say hello to your parents from me!
    Cathy Noordegraaf (Van Den Dorpel)
    ps: Nel, don't worry about the glasses...I'm WAY (haha) younger than you and I am also starting to have issues reading......!!!!!


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