Friday, February 17, 2012


At long last... our family calendar is done!!
It always seems I have a hard time getting my own 'work' done :)  Finally this week I cracked
the whip on myself and focused on the Lindhout family calendar!
We do a calendar from the beginning of February to the following January
just so that I have January to make the calendar
(...i know it wan't completed until Feb 16 - like usual ... fashionably late!)
let's hope that this is the first and last year it will be late!

We take a whole assortment of pictures from everyone throughout the past year
and mesh them all into one calendar!
A keepsake for all of us...
Even Ranen LOVES looking at it - like EVERYDAY!
If we walk by the calendar she usually points up and starts naming everyone :)

Last night, at family night, I gave everyone their copy of the calendar so now I can
share all the pages here!

 January 2013:

Then, I make all the date pages correspond to the top picture part of the calendar
with the same background, colour, font theme... 
The calendar is then coil bound and ready to hang on our wall! 
Thanks Corina for rushing here last night to help me finish them off - what a LOVELY surprise to get
your text: enroute with a crew of 1! :)

Please, leave a comment and let me know what your favourite page(s) is/are... 
I would love to know! :)

Have a great day :) xo


  1. January, March and June - in that order - at top 3 fav's.. (maybe it is all the outdoor pics on them?) That being said, December isn't loading for some reason! Beautiful work once again though! xoxo to all on the calendar:)

  2. Now that December is loaded, it is in the top 4:)

  3. I love the WHOLE calendar!! Thanks SO much, once again, its awesome:) xo

  4. Thanks so much for the awesome job once again! It looks so good! :) I really like January, March, July and August! But they all are awesome and it sure represents our family just the way we are!
    xoxo Laura

  5. Thanks again, Marlies, for the beautiful calendars! It's pretty easy for me to say,"Here's my external hard drive, all my pictures are on it",and you do the rest! Eventhough you enjoy doing it, we are very grateful for your many hours of piecing it all together! The design I like best is January, but I keep looking at August. Those pictures are my favorite!! We are truly thankful for each and everyone of you. We are so blessed! Mom

  6. Lovely Calendar! Really all the pages are fabulous! If I would have to pick favorites I would go with Jauary May and August!! Really a great job Mar:)I I now see why it takes so much time... I can tell you put alot of work into it:)
    xoxo Ashlee


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