Friday, March 27, 2015

Mere days....

Just a few days ago we planted seeds and we are SO excited.... Green poking through!! My lil lady loves this!

Can you find what Ranen found?? Tomorrow it'll be green :)

Mere days and life is visible.... How in the world can people not understand then that human life begins at fertization/conception?
I know these little plants don't bear fruit yet either but they are still alive right? 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Seeding :)

We work in the greenhouse.... It's HOT but we love it and ain't complaining!!
My helpers.... Love it!
Ranen loves to write.... And copying the names from seed package to tag is a highlight!!
He putters.... A loves being around us!! 

Not too sure if it is accurate.... But if it is... 34 degrees!! 
Now i can't forget to water �� love the doll legs sticking out!! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Random stuff...

Any paper she finds.... She writes!!

Love seeing my work in print... Makes me happy!! Took these pictures of my adorable nephew (great-nephew actually!) and made the birth announcement.... 

He rides a "normal bike" as he says 

Dear Katie is growing up so fast!!
And loves her superstore cookies!!

Cuddles with my boy.... We had some alone time on Friday reading books (Ranen was in preschool and Katie napping!)

A little look at this last week wouldn't be complete without a picture of a Katie cuddle... She did not do well with the sinus/head cold and teething together... Tooth has popped through now and she's much happier ... Crawling around the house!! 

We also have 10 puppies right now... So much fun!!
Milk choclate, dark chocolate and white chocolate :

Saturday morning, Ben's weekend off.... He got roped into colouring - LOVE!! 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cleaning up....

Out yard got pruned yesterday so the kids and I had a lot of fun today cleaning up and making a fire!!! 

My little lady... All about being a reindeer!!

Fit in a little petting of our friend Selena!

Was a good day :) 

Monday, January 19, 2015

A day to be remembered....

My grandparents are some of the hardest working people I know... They maintain a house and yard that is almost park like and if they are caught up on their end they will go elsewhere to help out... They are amazing! 
They have instilled this work ethic into their children and in turn us grand kids tend to
enjoy giving it our all in everything we do as well!! 
Today a lot of us got together to clean up all the ice storm damage and fall leaves in their yard...,
such an amazing day!! Also some deep cleaned the interior of the house! 

This lil girl was a trooper....
Hauled around in her walker for 3 hours without a complaint!! 

The inside of their house was also cleaned by Julaine and Aunt Betty!!
Aunt Tanny made us delicious treats for coffee and Aunt Betty made
her famous chili for lunch.... So yummy!!

A wood chipper was brought in for all the large branches that came down.... Jorden and Jochem had this thing running smoothly!!

Yeah, I was there too..,, was great!! 

Monday, January 12, 2015


This was supposed to post last Thursday night... but it never posts right from my phone!
Struggling to process all that is going on right now in life...
So much!
My dear Oma Lindhout has advanced ovarian cancer. She just received her first chemo treatment today. We pray that these means may yet bless her with more time in the days of grace and that she may be blessed with the eternal blessing from above.
I love her so much - I don't know how to express myself around my feeling this has caused...
I shut down, I become a hermit, I do my own thing, I pray....

And yet life goes on - I remember when my great Opa Traas passed away, I was in grade 6 and my teacher said this to me, his first words upon seeing me after his death. I thought it was so callous, so rude to say, so wrong!! 
Yet here we have it, dentist appointments, preschool, house work,
taking care of the family, planning and booking for exciting weddings, ....
It's so hard; so hard to balance it all....

Hard to find reason behind the daily trivial things... 

Then we almost lost our pup... She decided to try eat some medicine for the cows...
Then explaining to Ranen and answering her questions the best way I can,
without lying - we try to never misrepresent the truth!!
But the pup is back to herself after a trip to the vet and it doesn't look like she will be permanently paralyzed like first thought so we are thankful and very happy about that!!

Our youngest....
Grows and grows and grows some more...
I'd love to freeze it right here, right now!!
This is one of my favourite stages!
(Even though she is such a mommy's girl... I feel very loved!)

Always loving on my family.... Xo