Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kamerik Family Pictures....

I love taking pictures...
and I love being asked to take pictures for other people,
as nervous as I get for it...
even though I do have some confidence that I will at least
capture a few semi good ones... it is always a little nerve wracking!
This stunning family made my job a whole lot easier though...
What fantastic people...

 Thanks for the oppurtunity to 'shoot' you :)
I had a great time!
It is exciting getting out and trying my hand at photography,
and yes, I do hope to one day pursue it in a more business like fashion...
maybe sooner rather than later!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Check this out!!!!

Seriously!!! HE DID IT!
Perserverence has paid off!!

Edit!!!  I noticed that the video didnt upload correctly and it is kind of difficult to see!  Ivan has being trying for weeks (at least all the summer and perhaps even last summer) to land a back flip on the wakeboard...  And now he has!!  Way to go Iv! xo

Watching Daddy hay...

Not often they make little square bales around here but last night (last week Thursday!) they made a few for some horses...
Kids enjoyed watching....

Ranen asked who brought the jeep? I asked "what jeep?" She meant the tractor.... It's not big enough to be considered a tractor in her opinion!! Love it!

Gorgeous beautiful weather out here!!!

To the lake tomorrow (last week Saturday!) hopefully... A few birthdays to celebrate!! It's been quite the week... Chris brought us siblings into the 30s and Ivan's 19th means we are all adults now :)!! Then today is Michelle's birthday... She is such a dear!! Wishing her a fabulous day... Hope she doesn't miss her Ontario family too much and hopefully we are able to shower her with love!!! Xo

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fabulous morning!!

Right after breakfast we decided to hop on our bikes and go for a bike ride before the heat hit!! 
All ready to hit the road:

Ranen was determined to try out biking on gravel...

I took advantage of her strong willed mood today and we biked the full loop
(over an hour if good biking for her :)

We had SUCH a good time...
Ranen did tire out towards the very end but a little encouragement and we made it home!!

I've prepared her that this is likely to be a weekly activity for her...
She figures she'll do it again when she's four!! 


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Visiting Opa and Oma Korporaal

Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) we stopped by Opa and Oma's house .... Went on the swings , checked out the garden, visited the animals...,

So much fun.... Ended the day like this;


Great morning :)

Cath, Cayden and Sierra came by for a long awaited visit (Tuesday)!!! So long in coming, so looked forward to....
Walking hand in hand visiting the cows and calves

Sierra is a complete animal lover... Dogs, calves, chickies, sheep....

Giving kisses :)

She loves her animals...

We had a fun morning, bike ride and walk to the farm, cart ride to the sheep and chicks...

Afternoon of fun...

(this was supposed to publish about 10 days ago.... but apparently that is not working properly from the phone... so here it is!)
Kind of a sporadic type of afternoon but a good one :)
Richelle texted this morning if she could stop by with the kids so she came this aft...
Suddenly we were trimming Tanner's hair!! Let's clarify... Shouldn't actually say trimming.... Better word, hmmm... Chopping, mowing, taking first cut... Like seriously, the length we took off (really wish I took a before pic! He grew up so much in ten min!!)
Check out the length on the chair!!
Rocking the new style :) 

Then we went to visit the young stock...

Then the kids and I planted out our cauliflower and broccoli... And thinned out the corn - Ranen thought it was really neat how she could see the seed and roots/plant coming from it!

Saw a really neat shadow of jet flying - sun behind jet made for a shadow to go in front of it...

My darling blue eyed cheeky chubster :)

Ranen snuck a picture of Daddy although he didn't want one... She switched the camera around on the phone on him!

Our first ever bearing garden strawberry!!!
It was SO delish... Can't wait for more :)
We shared... At least it was big!

Love my farmer... Combine into the trailer and all... Just like Daddy's farm simulator on computer!

Last but so not least... She is an easy smiler and talker... LOVE IT!! 

Xo - good night :)