Friday, April 18, 2014

The precious first few days....

... so hard to believe that our little darling is already
2 weeks old!!
(I know that Oma and Opa Oudshoorn (as welll as a few others I am sure!!)
have regularly been checking on here for hospital pictures
so today I focused on editing these pictures...)
It is so nice to remember back on these first
few days...
Such a precious experience!!
So extremely thankful that all has gone well
and that we may treasure our dear gift!
Welcome to our family dear...

Katie Adrianne

7 lbs 15 oz (same weight as Landon)
8:36 pm Thursday evening...
 Our first look...  so precious!
It is so amazing....
Dr. Allison Henry.... didnt make it for delivery - about 7 min late:)
She is a dear, sensitive lady... really appreciated how
she knew our history and records and treated us throughout the day!
 Love this picture - looking over to make sure Mommy and Daddy are still around :)
We took our time treasuring our daughter
as we knew many people were in church anyway...
and Mommy was thoroughly enjoying all the snuggles!!
The next morning...
Ranen and Owen coming to welcome their sister!

 So happy, So proud, So gentle, So special....


 My parents... first look at their new granddaughter!

Lovingly named after her Opa 'Shiloh'!
(and indirectly after my Great Opa Traas, because Dad is named after him...
and his birthday was also in April...)

Dr Quentin Smith came in on Friday morning to see us... 

 SUCH a dear, sweet man!! 
A real treat to have such a family doctor!!

A few dear family and friends
stopped by to celebrate Katie's arrival!! 



Ranen came back again in the afternoon because she really
wanted to hold Katie again... and get some snuggles in with Daddy! 

We waited around at the hospital for the 24 hour mark so that they could do the heel prick test
and then we joyfully went home Friday evening to sleep in our own bed!!
Ben was off for the weekend so Dad and Mom dropped off the two boofies
on Saturday afternoon!! They stayed home the weekend and went
back to Mom's for part of Monday and then came home to stay...
They have adjusted really well to a new baby in the house and all in all
things are going great!
A HUGE thank you to Mom for all the support... the numerous meals
you have made for me because you didn't want me making meals myself yet!
You are a wonderful lady... so proud to call you my Mom!
Love this:

Some more dear friends came to visit us at home...

 My mom has this tendency... to get me a lovely boquet of flowers...
Love it!!!
These next two pictures sum up how happy these two kidlets are
to have a new sister in the house!! 

Hope you all have a good Easter weekend...
and hopefully I will be able to upload some more pictures soon!!
Also a big thanks for my siblings and friends who have
made meals and helped us out in the last couple of weeks!!
It is SO greatly appreciated... we feel the love! Thanks!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

An amazing day!!!

SPRING... Basking in the sun... Twenty degrees... Walks through the back field... Moving puppies to a outdoor hut... Loving/doting on kids... So content...

3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 happy mommy!!
... Already making use of the new huggaloops carrier - love it!!!
These two pics are especially for the Alberta family that is once again watching the snow fall.... Love you guys... I'll appreciate it for you

A couple weeks ago the fire inspection group had a training practice in the back where they set 10 different huts on fire in different ways for people to come practice fire investigation... We now are using one of these huts to house the 16 puppies for the next while... Hope it will work well:
While we walked the field Ben cleaned out the hut and then transferred it to the back yard... Thanks Hun!!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

A few more pictures...

So smitten... In love...

No pictures of Owen with Katie on my phone... Will have to wait for camera ones!! He was as excited as Ranen :)