Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sisterly Love....

My twin siblings celebrate their birthday today...
They have always been part of a package
done things together,
been together,
celebrated together,
and this year again - the whole family
hopes to celebrate tonight these two great persons!

 We love both of you and wish you a fantastic year...

This past June, Derek got married to the lady of his dreams,
we are thrilled for him!!  They are fantastic together
and it is so awesome to see them so happy....
Michelle, we love you... you are a gem!  I know how much you miss having
your parents and sibling near you but I am SO thankful
for the sacrifices that you make so that Derek can be here... we are blessed
to have you in our family!

Now when it comes to my sister and I...
This past year has brought us super close,
has been so good for our friendship,
and I am SO thankful for this!

Yes we still have our differences, but we find more similarities
everyday and we treasure them!!!

 So because Derek was getting married and moving out the house,
Corina decided to venture off on her own as well!
and right into my back yard!!! YAY!! 
(I know Dad and Mom miss her at home but we LOVE having her here!!)

We now get to spend much quality time together, 
I get to watch her dote on my children,
go for bike rides,
join us for supper,
eat lunch with us everyday 
(and because she comes in everyday so does Ben so this is
a super duper added bonus!!)
 play fight on the trampoline with my kids,
Float down the river,
 soak up the rays at the river,
I see my children look up to their auntie,

I see them treasure every moment they get with her,
she helps me stay more organized :),
we talk, 
we talk deep,
we laugh, we cry, 
we reason,
we confirm,
we care, we love.

Oh, how we love her!!

Corina... you are a blessing in our lives!!
Thank you so much! <3

Wishing both of you a fantastic day filled with lots of love!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

WHAT a week!!!

Monday we brought Ben to the airport... Off on a fan tour in NY/Buffalo area with our nephew!! By the sounds of things he is having a grand time! The kids and I have been on countdown since he left.... Hopefully tomorrow he will be home!

We always love a trip to the airport:

After saying goodbye and a few phone calls to Dad, we found the takeoff runway...

With the coolest little park... A mini runway and a huge "globe"

We watched Daddy take off from the North Pole!!

We were all brave waiting for his plane to come... Found where he was landing and going to...

But when we saw the plane dissappear then the tears came.... Poor Ranen was SO sad.... "I'm just going to cry all day mom"!!

Ikea ice cream helped till bed time... Thankfully Opa and oma stopped in to cheer them up then...!!

Then Tuesday came... A good day of editing... Cath took my kids for the day so I could edit a few session... At night... Well then the fun started!!! I hyper extended my knee (well at least I am still hoping I didn't tear any ligaments!!!)
Super painful and awfully awkward to take care of three kidlets from crutches!!!
Up with ice... 
While the kids jumped...

It's been an interesting week... Only made possible by having Corina live here.... The most thankful I have ever been that she has moved in behind us!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH SIS!!!

Yesterday the kids were begging for their bike ride (which we do most nice days...) but I couldn't.... Corina to the rescue... while I prepped supper in bed ��

Now... We have a knee brace... We prefer hobbling around over the crutches and we are booking a doc appt just to be sure!!!

Can't wait for tomorrow!!! 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sunrise... mercy renewed!

Each morning,
the sun rises again...

Such a glorious sight this morning!

October is known to be
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month
and October 15 is
the main day of remembrance in the month...

Although every day is a day to remember...
6 years, 2 months, 1 day!
Our precious son...

"I always wonder who you would have been"


I took my favourite of the two and put some words into it...

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

No time....

For this blog.... And people who actually still check regularly!! Sorry!!!!

A few snapshots from my phone while I wait for my kitchen sink to fill up:

��fall evening bike rides!!

Ranen made it up the big hill all the way to the top... Proud moment!!

The bear's well used path to the water...

A little break to inspect where the bear climbs over the fence and to pick some flowers :) 

Love stepping out my door into this great abundance of nature!!