Monday, October 20, 2014

some treasures...

My computer is running low on memory so
I have been going through my pictures and saving
a LOT onto discs...
The joys of doing that job
... finding these treasures!

I sure can understand why people say my kidlets look alike... :)
so many similarities!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Mom...

... my biggest fan
turned 50 today!
Who more than your mom would like
to see you succeed and blossom in life?
Who more than your mom cheers you on
and encourages you on any rough days?
Who more than your mom is there to help you when you need?
Who more than your mom.... for everything!!
My Mom ...
 she is fantastic
she is dear
she is helpful
she is encouraging
she is loving
she is beautiful
she is strong
she is soft
she is giving
she is supportive
she is wonderful
and today
she is 50 :)
She is loved!
We had a lovely family breakfast this morning...
pancakes, whipping cream and blueberries - mmmmm!
The rain dampened our plans of visiting the
Craberry Festival in Langley...
instead we enjoyed eachother at home!

 Love you too Mom!

 This pic of my lad... not everyone gets to see this side of him!
Happy I captured it... usually people see his side on the right! lol!

Love my sisters...  xo!

 When we all get together we try to get a few snapshots
of the kids together...  Cayden really didnt want anything
to do with it this time!  All part of the memory:)
 By the time Cath convinced him to sit, albeit unhappily, the rest
were kinda done with the pics!! 
Seeing this picture makes me think of them
sharing stories, telling secrets, building each other up,
encouraging one another, discussing crushes...
Gotta love...

Mom, thank you for ALL!
Love you!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Muck MS!!

On Saturday
we joined a fundraiser for the
MS Society...
a muddy 5 km, 12 obstacle course
to raise some money
to find a cure for MS.
We had a GREAT time,
(other than one of our friends really hurting his knee!)
and accomplished a lot of good
right in my backyard!
The MS Society used two of the farm's fields for the
majority of the obstacles...
Ben and George had their busy week made a little
busier with this event going on but
when you are as busy as they are then I guess you don't notice
just a little more work!!
(hint: I am SUPER DONE with field work right now,
but as they say, make hay while the sun shines
-oh yeah, and dont forget harvest corn, spread manure - liquid and dry,
and the neighbours dry manure, disc, cultipact, plant cover crop,
grass silage, spread more manure....)
Most people say spring and fall are their best seasons...
I say summer and winter because spring/fall are just too busy!!
Anyhow, back to the mud run!!
I put together a team of 13...
we had a blast!

.... Very sad that Will Van Saane hurt his knee on the very first mud hole!!
The rest of us all finished a fantastic race with Nathan and Silas Neels leading the way!! 

see how sore Will is :(

Aunt Carla was there taking all these pictures and I am MOST thankful for this one of my dear heart with a real look an real smile!! 

My last obstacle!!

Thanks everyone for joining in on the fun.... Xx 
and a special thanks to those who donated to the worthy cause
as pledges for us!!