Tuesday, September 16, 2014


how do you pick a few favourites with
this much goodness going on...
How I love these two people!
You are such a fabulous couple... thanks so much
for asking me to capture this 'goodness' of your love!!
Photog fave:

 SO happy we may the drive to Crescent Beach... Like REALLY!

a little long exposure in the darkness to capture the city.... want to play around more with this!!
A little sneak peek, I'd love to share more but first Michelle and Derek
get their choiice as to which ones they want to use on engagement cards!
More coming eventually :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

My lil sis...


So happy for Dan and Laura...
You are and hoping you continue to be a blessing in each others lives:) 

What a gorgeous ring....
The happy couple!! Looking forward to your wedding and helping you plan (that is if you'll allow your bossy older sister to help:p)!!! 

Xo love you guys!!
Congrats again! 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Some favourites....

With Ranen going to preschool 3 partial days a week
I seem to be able to complete a little of the backed up personal editing...
Sharing some of my recent favourites:
Preschool started for our dear darling!
She is so excited and so ready for this adventure!
...not so sure if Mommy is quite ready!...
(but I have to be - the teacher asks Ranen "Where would you like
to say goodbye to your mom?" Ranen looks up at me "Goodbye Mom" and
runs off... I call her back for a quick hug and kiss and she was gone!)
 Ranen is attending a private preschool by Barrowtown Elementary school
and is super lucky  because they have an awesome playground
with a "super duper high slide"

Not often is my girl this photogenic...  love all these shots I've captured!!

To me this picture symbolizes my dear daughter at the threshold of her future...
For some reason, I just love it....  She`s prepared, she`s ready, she`s bracing herself, she`s eager...
Last week, my wonderful nephew with his fantastic girl friend were down from Ontario...
we did some great things together...
(for now I have mostly edited the pictures of us from those days
but their pictures will come soon!!!)
We went for a bike ride on the sea wall around Stanley Park...
Then topped it off with dinner at White Rock!!

 this right here just might be my most favourite picture ever... 

 Love having people with us on day outings... I actually get an updated family picture :)

One without the sun flare... (nothing like serious expressions...)

Chasing seagulls...
We had a great time there... needing to go finish up some things
around here so will have to put more up another day!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Saturdays fishing adventure

It finally uploaded from my phone... this post is from about 2 weeks ago :)... we are still fishing though!  Went along with our Alberta family, Ben, Glenda and kids on Friday and had a lot of fun... although they caught all the fish!! lol!

We were not so lucky in the catching fish department on Saturday but the kids had a ton of fun and I got a few cute phone pics :)
Quietly playing for numerous hours here...

Helping Mommy reel:

Mom's result of learning to cast = rats nest!!! But I heard that she mastered it the following week:)
Owen loves his Opa Shiloh... Every day he says "fishing? Opa's boat? Fishing rod. Opa Shiloh" - I love it... 

The boat ride back: ... this girl <3

And we topped our day off with ice cream :)

Oh yeah, then we met dad at the barn to see the calves and Ranen got a sweet, big surprise!! Auntie Michelle showed up with this stunner...
Ranen gets to be a flower girl!!! So exciting for her :)
together with Sierra and Taycin...
Can't wait for Michelle and Derek's big day!!! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

On the river...

Tonight we went out with the Korporaal sisters!!! Lost two long distance.... One close to shore (got away with my hook) and I caught one!!!

A gorgeous night to be out on the water!!

They are camping out on the shore... Ben is out there too - im nicely snuggled into my warm and cozy bed :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

S & L Engaged!!

A dear, sweet niece and her equally caring and gentle fiance...
a bright evening along the river
and golden light in the grass...
Some of my favourites from a fabulous engagement session!

 a little more on the artsy side...  the sun was still quite high in the sky which pushed me out of some comfort zones... always good for growth ;)

Then we moved to one of my favourite locations... a bit more golden light and and outfit change!!

THIS. - this. makes. my. heart. go. all. happy. 
(**now I really want a picture of Ben and I like this...**)
the ring... beautiful!

Can't share them all... need to stop somewhere!
Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed 'shooting' you :)
Happy planning!!