Thursday, April 9, 2015

Puppy love...

10 puppies added to the fun in this house...
We are in love!
Especially Ranen; and Owen is slowly picking up
on the enthusiasm of his sister...
Katie also gets in her share of sweet cuddles...
 eye to eye... the two smallest - lets be friends!

The picture on the right... grimy face, pup in arms, real vibrant smile.... LOVE!

 so at ease and in love with them...  they will be well-socialized pups by the time they sell!
 so gentle... inspecting...
... fun times at our place!!
3 more chocolate females left to sell...

Monday, April 6, 2015

Such a GREAT day...

This cousin on mine.... She is SUCH a dear!! With a beautiful, sweet, caring and extremely giving nature she is a gem to have around!! We love her around here! 

A bike ride through the Blue Heron Reserve.... Not much beats that! A gorgeous day, a bike and a bird book... Right up Ranen's alley - she loved lookig up birds and their details! And with such a fabulous teacher - Larissa you are a gem! 

Pointing out the red-winged black bird!

Reading about the herons before we approached the nests... Did you know they lay between 2-4 eggs? And so many other neat details like flight paths etc.... Ranen soaked up every detail! 
Can't wait till we see you again Larissa... You are loved! ��

Friday, April 3, 2015

Katie is 1!!

Our little missy moo
is one already? How can it be!
I told Ben "pretty sure we missed a month or two
last year because that went SO fast!"
Also, Katie is so petite compare to out other two kidlets
that she seems about 7 months or so in our books...
7 teeth, working hard on the eighth!
blue eyes,
loves when Ranen plays with her,
doesn't love being picked up by her so much...,
Crawling around 10 1/2 months
says "dada, mama, num num, woof, moo"
fake laughs when we laugh,
enjoys a wide variety of food,
very vocal,
loves water,
walking around things,
adores Owen,
sticks her tongue out when she's teething,
super ticklish,
infectious giggle,
climbs in dishwasher,
taken 3 steps,
pokes holes through the toes of her sleepers,
loves bike rides!
A year ago... we headed to the hospital
to get induced,
she came the quickest of these three
and I treasured many days of cuddle time...
we hermitted with the measles going around
and spent many hours enjoying our newborn!
a precious year ago... 

endless hours of snuggles...

 many many many hours spent in the huggaloops carrier close to mommy... 
as a babes and a little older...
she LOVES being close to mom! 

Our special pictures... taken by the talented Roxanna J Photography :)


 WOW... they have all grown up SO much...

6 months...



Satisfied after her spaghetti!
She finds ways to get in with all the fun!!
A fun comparison of Ranen, Owen and Katie at one year!!

Ranen's pictures are all from 11 months... cant find any 12 month ones right now!

it is amazing how much higher he sits in this highchair then katie does!!
Little lady, sassy miss.... how we love you so!!
You are our sunshine!