Thursday, August 21, 2014

On the river...

Tonight we went out with the Korporaal sisters!!! Lost two long distance.... One close to shore (got away with my hook) and I caught one!!!

A gorgeous night to be out on the water!!

They are camping out on the shore... Ben is out there too - im nicely snuggled into my warm and cozy bed :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

S & L Engaged!!

A dear, sweet niece and her equally caring and gentle fiance...
a bright evening along the river
and golden light in the grass...
Some of my favourites from a fabulous engagement session!

 a little more on the artsy side...  the sun was still quite high in the sky which pushed me out of some comfort zones... always good for growth ;)

Then we moved to one of my favourite locations... a bit more golden light and and outfit change!!

THIS. - this. makes. my. heart. go. all. happy. 
(**now I really want a picture of Ben and I like this...**)
the ring... beautiful!

Can't share them all... need to stop somewhere!
Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed 'shooting' you :)
Happy planning!!


Thursday, August 14, 2014


our oldest son,
our firstborn,
the big brother,
our precious boy...
5 years ...
so difficult to fathom how a heart...
...can long and miss something so much,
but yet be so full of the blessings we've received.
Landon, our dear son, always in our hearts...
never forgotten.
Time may go on, our family may grow and change,
you will always be missed and remembered
and thought of...
A part of Mommy's and Daddy's heart
will always belong to you.
So often there are moments that bring
memories to light,
that create thoughts of the 'what ifs'
to think that this year would mean Kindergarten...
oh, how difficult!
How much we wish we could hold and cherish you ...
the boy that made me a mommy...
and to the other three that I mommy everyday...
you are loved and cherished
and we are so so thankful to be granted with the blessing of you!

PJ Onion Harvest

.... So after approx a month of low 30s we are getting some much needed rain!! Uncle Les said... Pull out those onions :)

So we did a mad dash in our Pajamas this morn :) 

We all loved it as much as Missy Moo!!

Loving my garden... 

Solo bike ride last night... Stress reliever - kinda feeling like I'm not getting any break time lately and it's doing funny things to my head so last night I thought, dusk already... Too bad - I'm going biking! On my lovely gift from Bens bosses... They are the best (I did do design work for them but still pretty special to receive this bike!!)

Saturday, August 9, 2014


She's going to be my sister!!!.... My brother is a happy man :) 
Congrats Derek & Michelle
Love you both :) 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kamerik Family Pictures....

I love taking pictures...
and I love being asked to take pictures for other people,
as nervous as I get for it...
even though I do have some confidence that I will at least
capture a few semi good ones... it is always a little nerve wracking!
This stunning family made my job a whole lot easier though...
What fantastic people...

 Thanks for the oppurtunity to 'shoot' you :)
I had a great time!
It is exciting getting out and trying my hand at photography,
and yes, I do hope to one day pursue it in a more business like fashion...
maybe sooner rather than later!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Check this out!!!!

Seriously!!! HE DID IT!
Perserverence has paid off!!

Edit!!!  I noticed that the video didnt upload correctly and it is kind of difficult to see!  Ivan has being trying for weeks (at least all the summer and perhaps even last summer) to land a back flip on the wakeboard...  And now he has!!  Way to go Iv! xo