Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Feelin a lil like superwoman....

Thanks to all the sweet comments from the hikers on Teapot this morning! Not sure if they actually thought I was normal or psycho... "You're so brave!" "Wow can't believe you're going up like that!" .... 
I attempted it for the first time with the three kidlets!! Pushing the empty double Bob.... Knowing I was going to need it at some point... Katie in the carrier on me :) 

We had a grand time - excerised the complaint department well, and got a good healthy dose of exercise...with a lot of encouragement and confidence boosting Ranen walked up around 85% herself, Owen probably 60% and Katie, well she got the free ride!! 

All of them hitched a free ride down once we were past the narrow areas! Just like this: 

Now to make it a weekly or at least bi-weekly adventure����

Monday, June 29, 2015

Mix and Match

Family BBQ on Saturday night gave us this gem...
Love this picture like crazy!!

Had uniform fit day on Friday... Oh she's ready... (Not too sure about mommy tho!)

Third big pail of deliciousness from my bushes! 

Kids were by my parents on Wednesday for a bit... This is what I came home to... Love it!! 

Tante Carla gave this chick a lollipop... She loved it!! ❤️


A trip to the eye doctor made fun once again by the Burnaby Carousel... And a little exploring around Deer Lake!!

The kids, especially Ranen, absolutely love the carousel.... We went for one ride and then explored along the trail before riding one more time :) 

Courtney came along this time... She is such a sweetheart and the kids adore her! 
Also, she took a few pictures of me with the kids... A rarity to have pictures of me in there. 

A quick stop at the climbing structure and swings and then back to the carousel!

This time I let Katie ride on a tiny horse... She was SO proud of herself... Wish I could have captured it but...

Once again, we enjoyed our day out to the city.... Now we will have to wait till September :) xo

Sunday, May 31, 2015

To the airport we went...

Owen loves the airport and planes, no jets, so much that when he heard Derek and Michelle were flying out on Thursday he jumped at the chance to bring them away...
Mom brought them here at 7:20 am, which was supposed to be 6:45!, and then the 3 kidlets and I carried on with them to Abbotsford! They had to have their luggage checked in by 8 so it was a little hurried of a drive! 

We joined them in the little airport, saw their plane land, 

watched them go through security and gave them a wave!

Then we went to the front counter to ask what way they were taking off, the lady was unsure but when she heard little buddy wanted to watch she performed incredibly.... She asked us to follow her, left us inside by the doors while she went into the plane to ask the pilot!!! Exceptional! I couldn't believe it.... And by that the kids' day was made:

Apparently people don't see that too often in Abby because someone stopped to ask if we had trouble!! Lol! If they only knew how thick the Lindhout blood with the love of planes runs in us....
Was a GREAT day!!

This week we hope to fly as well... Can't wait!
Off to my dear brother's wedding! Derek you are a gem with a soft heart, loving and kind that you sometimes try to cover with your funny side! We love you tons and wish you and Michelle the best in your married life... You two are fantastic together and we couldn't be happier for you!  Xo

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Me 3 now? Me 3?

This is how Owen woke up two mornings ago,
"Me 3 now? Me 3?"...
so excited to be three!!
This little boy amazing me regularly with what he expresses...
 he is my quietest one so it is hard to notice
how much he understands and absorbs...
Like I had no clue if he understood that it was his birthday the next day
when I put him to bed, but apparently he knew and he even knew his age!
what we do know is that he loves tractors, the farm and especially his Daddy!!
The Xerion is his favourite of all tractors and he can spend endless
hours in there alongside his daddy!
Biking, biking, biking....  He loves it and he is great at it,
The other day he arranged the clumps of grass I had removed while
edging around my flower bed to make 'jumps' for himself...
such a boy, going over the bumps like a pro, with training wheels on no less!
Owen is my quiet, gentle one... still can be a little shy around new people;
he definitely does not have the desire to be the center of attention!
He has a soft and caring heart, especially when it comes to his little sister -
him and Katie have such a unique bond... you will regularly see him
bringing her toys, her blanket, a soother, sharing a water cup, etc...
no wonder she didn't crawl till 10.5 months - he was her legs!!
He does know how to be stubborn tho!  Knows exactly what he wants and always
likes life to go that way... but a little description and explanation go along way with him!
Although, when it comes to giving in quickly, well not so much!
Especially when sharing toys with Ranen... 'fun' times watching them battle things out!
We go out on bike rides and to explore a LOT!!

watching daddy come by...
Helping, yes he loves to help - gardening, watering, washing, vacuuming,
mowing lawn, weeding, picking strawberries - you name it...
He loves to be right at your side, doing whatever you do!!

Owen has had some trouble with his legs... he really likes to sit in W position,
he is double jointed so his knees dont have trouble with it
but you are able to see it now in the shape of his legs, etc...
So we are working hard on this, and next step is a pair of orthotics...
Glad we caught it early enough and are able to influence things for him yet!
we have had our share of appointments...
2 emergency rooms visits...
one a dislocated elbow and the other soft tissue damage of the same elbow.
He has worn glasses for approximately a year, does extremely well with them,
and although the stigmatism isn't correcting itself yet,
at least we have it controlled with the glasses.
...with eye doctor at least every 2 months
out in Vancouver.... and a few appointments at
Child Development Centre for his legs... we keep hopping!!
*(cant sing enough praises about the CDC though - they are awesome!!)

 He has broken the indestructible glasses: 
Owen loves his Opa 'Shiloh' more than words can say...
they just have a heart to heart connection and it is AMAZING
to see...  they love each other like crazy!
they also share a fantastic love of planes...
Owen, my little man...
loves to cuddle,
does best when spoken to calmly,
is a water rat,
kind and gentle,
can play alone super well,
loves machines...
whether it be excavators, concrete trucks,
airplanes, bobcats, and his favourite, tractors..
deep thinker,
has a great laugh,
quirky humour,
loves airplane rides from his aunt Corina,
wears shoes on the wrong feet regularly,
loves the sandbox,
sleeps with his monkey,
rides his bike all the time,
loves his hugs...

 trying to hide from the camera!!

took about a week to love the puppies...

loves his quality time... 

Chief, your mommy loves you more than words can express... xo
I am in awe watching you grow and realize that it
is such a blessing to see you reach each milestone...
that we may yet be given the strength and guidance to lead you
according to God's Word and to direct you to Him.