Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Family Day...

... when family is some of your favourite people!!!

Such a great day...
and a fantastic workout!!

approximately 50 km of biking :)
pulling a bike trailer
with 80 - 90 lbs!

What a great day we had
biking along boundary bay!
We started at Centennial Beach
(with a awesome playground!!)
and almost to Highway 91

Ranen biked approx 10 km by herself

then we locked her bike to a pole and she hoped in my trailer...
nothing like pulling a good 90lbs!!
Was great - till we turned back and realized I had to bike against the wind!!
Was a great workout!! 
Owen was on the back of Dad's bike... after our little stop for lunch
Dad took Ranen for a while back to her bike!!
Sure notice a difference weight wise Owen versus Ranen hey Dad!!

glad she caused your quads a little workout too! :)

 Lunch at a little airport, naturally :)
Just a few cessnas strapped down, and we got to watch one land!
Made the kids' day!!


This playground tho... it was a good one!!

Hope you all had a great family day too!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ranen and the classifier

This story...
too cute and sweet to not put on paper!!

Last week Saturday the classifier came to the dairy farm.
This happens, I believe two or three times per year.

This year he came at 7 am so I messaged Ben if they
would like a breakfast sandwich/coffee
and off to the farm we went for a delivery!

Ranen, enthralled as always with anything farm related,
started asking questions already in the house...
Who's here?
Why does he come?

I explained as best I could that every cow
at approximately two years old
gets looked at by a classifier to see how pretty she looks.
I said the man looks at her and thinks
do you have pretty legs?
is your back straight?

Then, when on route to the farm, Ranen asks
"Mom, does the man look on the inside of the cow too?"

"No," I reply, "only the vet does that at herd health".

A minute or so later, Ranen responds,
"But Mom, that's what matters right?"

"What Rain?"

"That the inside is beautiful"

Oh my darling, dear daughter... you are SO right!
I try to teach you this every day and obviously you hear me and that
makes me so happy....  I love you beyond words...

Then I was left trying to explain the difference
of how the insides don't look beautiful
but how actions make a person wonderful, kind and sweet!

And yes, some cows may be more friendly and kind than others.

Just like this girl, Sweetheart!  We miss her!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The best thing about doing a family calendar...

... it makes me edit a few of my personal photos!!

I never seem to find/make the time to edit photos of us,
our trips, our special moments!!

I just did a few...
because I love them SO very much...
I MUST share before I continue
creating the family calendar!! 

This girl... oh my heart!!

me and my kids... what an amazing vacation we had in Ontario!!

and this guy... especially in the day to day of down time,
he rocks my world!

 Owen... no wonder you win over SO many hearts!

 Katie, you are such a lovable brat... and your hugs!!

Just a little sun to brighten your wintery day!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

This makes me smile...

It has been a SUPER long time since I've posted...
and for those of you checking back regularly - I am sorry
but life is more important than updating a blog
and its been busy around here
(will update more on that eventually)
but for now...
some pictures that are keeping me awake
even though I should REALLY be sleeping!!

But this. This make my heart smile.
 Well, hello there, Mr. Veggie Snow Man... how do you do?

 the older two were SO pumped about making a snow man, and katie, she wasn't too sure about the snow!! Would much rather stick to the grass trails from where we rolled the snow balls...

For now, good night!!

Hopefully some time soon I can find some time to post:

1) Palm Springs (oh, what an amazing time Ben and I had - 5 days, 4 nights
of reconnection and time together... how we needed it and how great it was!
also, how I hope every single couple may have time together like that!!
yes, really it was that good!!  hikes, tennis, food,...)

2) some important family memories we have had... like dinner with 
Ben's parents and siblings... what a great evening that was!

3)Sweet baby Ainsley... a blessing added to Chris and Richelle's family...
Here are a few pictures to tie you over... such a sweet heart!

 She is a gem... and so very loved by all!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sisterly Love....

My twin siblings celebrate their birthday today...
They have always been part of a package
done things together,
been together,
celebrated together,
and this year again - the whole family
hopes to celebrate tonight these two great persons!

 We love both of you and wish you a fantastic year...

This past June, Derek got married to the lady of his dreams,
we are thrilled for him!!  They are fantastic together
and it is so awesome to see them so happy....
Michelle, we love you... you are a gem!  I know how much you miss having
your parents and sibling near you but I am SO thankful
for the sacrifices that you make so that Derek can be here... we are blessed
to have you in our family!

Now when it comes to my sister and I...
This past year has brought us super close,
has been so good for our friendship,
and I am SO thankful for this!

Yes we still have our differences, but we find more similarities
everyday and we treasure them!!!

 So because Derek was getting married and moving out the house,
Corina decided to venture off on her own as well!
and right into my back yard!!! YAY!! 
(I know Dad and Mom miss her at home but we LOVE having her here!!)

We now get to spend much quality time together, 
I get to watch her dote on my children,
go for bike rides,
join us for supper,
eat lunch with us everyday 
(and because she comes in everyday so does Ben so this is
a super duper added bonus!!)
 play fight on the trampoline with my kids,
Float down the river,
 soak up the rays at the river,
I see my children look up to their auntie,

I see them treasure every moment they get with her,
she helps me stay more organized :),
we talk, 
we talk deep,
we laugh, we cry, 
we reason,
we confirm,
we care, we love.

Oh, how we love her!!

Corina... you are a blessing in our lives!!
Thank you so much! <3

Wishing both of you a fantastic day filled with lots of love!!