Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Neels family...

I must admit, I was rather nervous
going into this one!
The largest group that I have done to date...
with little children too!!
I was so amazed by how well it went,
I especially enjoyed how the older girls
were able to tease each kid into their 'real' smile...
Sharing the individuals I took of them :)


And one of the family pictures!
 Thanks G&Y and kids :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

a couple fun shots...

from a gorgeous family session
a week ago!!
Can't wait to share more of them - but I LOVE these!
Boys will be boys...
 ... and some girls will join in the fun too!
Mom and baby....

Saturday, November 8, 2014

I cried....

Yes... my heart is SO full from this...
I may or may not have shed a tear or two!!
Really my kids, co-operating in front of my camera
is rare all on its own... and then I saw these and I
fell in love!  Don't know what else to say!

 He was being a boofie... but at least we still managed to get a few!

(Can't help but think - Anne Geddes - with that bottom right image!!)

 Ranen was co-operating so well that after a few shot I said...
well Rain, I think we got a good one :) and she goes, "well that wasn't very
many, I want more" ... by all means, darling - you go pose for me!
and this is what she came up with...

An overload of images... but didn't know how to eliminate more!!
One last one... just for Ranen!
 Ranen absolutely dotes on her little sister... and her baby Emma!!!
Atleast 1 picture of us all together k Mom?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This family though...

love them so much...
my brother - growing up, I always said he was a year older,
he always said it was 2 years (which it almost is!),
but he was only a grade older,
definitely didnt act 2 years older! lol
and just like that... we kinda always hit it off at home...
whether it was playing hockey,
reading 'secret garden' and 'black beauty' on dad and mom's bed on Sunday afternoons,
swimming, soccer, mowing lawn,
backyard fires, we could go on!...
Now he has a little family of his own,
and we still kinda hit it off -
he has married a lovely lady who I quite enjoy being around,
she helped me out many a time...
our kids love LOVE love each other...
to put it briefly...
I love this lil family
and I am SO thankful to call them family
and especially to call them friends!
 these two lovebirds.... at one point when Steve saw a pic on the back
of my camera - his immediate comment was how beautiful his wife is :)
you guys are wonderful!


 These two kidlets... love them like my own :)


 their numerous expressions...!

 one of the craziest pictures that I have taken... 
and one of favourite pictures that I have ever taken:
Love you guys...
hope you like them as much as I hope you will!