Friday, December 19, 2014

when I'm with you...

... I'm happy!
When we hug it's like I don't ever want to let go.
When you make me smile it brings the sunshine out in me.
When I see you and our eyes meet, it's like something I've never felt before.
and I'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes,
in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality,
I'd find you and I'd choose you   xo
Our dear hubby and daddy celebrates a birthday today.
He prefers no fan-fare, no celebration, no busyness,
no specialty, no craziness,
but he is a man worth celebrating;
he is the rock of this home,
he is so loved, treasured and adored
that we can't help but get a little excited for
days that are meant just for him!
My all time favourite picture of my favourite guy <3
You put up with my crazy antics, my camera fetish, my wild ideas,
my drive for time together, my lack of drive for a clean house...
You follow and support me in all my new ideas;
like healthy eating - although my concoctions with natural sweetners
in place of sugar, almond/coconut flours instead of normal
 ain't pleasing you much... and I don't blame you
but yet you always focus on the good and realize how I am trying
to help this dear family that we call ours...

You crack me jokes when I need them, You treasure me like I am your gold,
You make me feel special in so many ways,
You recognize my need to explore things, You support me through trying
and difficult times, You push me in times of fear,
You drive my world....

Love this pic... because it is so YOU! Out in a place quiet, calm and serene,
in your own thoughts, appreciating the beauty

You make time for me, and just me and I love you for it!

The kids... what can I say!  You know as well as me how they adore
you... Daddy is their anchor, their rock, their special one!
Love seeing you dote on them, play fight, tease,
explore and teach them...  They treasure their time with you and
I am so glad that you treasure and prioritize your time with them!


This picture cracks me up... I know how you thought I was crazy... their was snow but it
was raining... but I was determined to go sledding with the kids... and you, you know when
something is important to me and you make it happen! 


All of our important events... you were there!
Our family is your priority and it makes me so thankful!

You know what I appreciate and will think of me if there is something
you know I will enjoy - like if there is a gorgeous sunrise, you choose to
phone, make sure I am awake and not missing the beauty...
You fill my love tank, You radiate love... 
Even the dogs know how special you are...


Ben, you are the wind in my sails,
the spring in my step
the flip to my flop,
the sweet in my dreams
the twinkle in my eye,
the blue in my sky,
the gin to my tonic,
the bumble to my bee,
the mac to my cheese,
the shake to my bake,
the bubble to my bath,
the spring in my step,
the ink to my pen,
the icing on my cupcake,
the highligh to my day,
the smile to my face,
the best to my friend,
When I tell you I LOVE YOU
I don`t say it out of habit or to make conversation.
I say it to remind you that you are the best thing
that ever happened to me!
I`m a real big fan of yours! 


I'm loving my little annual tradition of setting the kids
loose in a dollar store and letting them pick personal special
gifts for their daddy!  Love seeing what they pick...
and their excitement wrapping them and planning
for Daddy to stop feeding as soon as they wake so that
he can come in and open their collection!
...   ... ask why
i love you.
for this:
you are a minute of quiet.
in a loud shouting world (gabriel gadfly)
you are not a drop in the ocean. you are the entire ocean in a drop (rumi)
Hun, I love you!
Wishing you a wonderful birthday
but above all, a blessed year ahead...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

So many emotions....

One side of my family is happy,
celebrating, enjoying a remarkable day...
The other side of my family are experiencing
uneasy and tense moments!
On one side...
Ben's Dad is celebrating his 80th birthday!
A great day... he is still in remarkable health,
able to do so much with all of us!
He is a rock in the family,
soft natured, giving, caring,
sweet and happy!
As a family they have all experienced so
incredibly much, he personally
has had many accidents, surgeries, etc.
Yet the Lord has blessed him
and he continues to be there for us all!
 They raised for me this wonderful man, their baby of 12!
 I am SO lucky to call him my fabulous hubby... 
To this day he loves to go out fishing with the crew...
He has been here to welcome our precious children...


We wish you a fabulous birthday and the Lord's blessing for all!
Also, Opa Oudshoorn is celebrating his 76th birthday ...
wishing him also the very best!
Then on the other side of the family...
Love this lady beyond words...
My dear Oma Lindhout...
she found out last month that she has ovarian cancer,
and today she awaits her surgery which is supposed to begin at 3pm...
so afraid, so tense, so uneasy...
Earnestly praying that God my guide the hands of the physicians but
above all remember her precious soul!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Oh what a day!...

More eye appointments at BC Children's
but this time the focus was on what we would be doing
after the appointment!

yes, we have been on a countdown of sleeps in this house for 14 days!!
And for the last 6 mornings it has been the very first
words out of Ranen's mouth... 6 more sleeps Mom,
5 more, 4, 3, 2,
"1 more sleep Mom... tomorrow! I can hardly wait
Oh I am SO excited"
We started out at 7:30... doctor from 9:30-11,
adjusted Owen's glasses next door,
lunch, ride on the carousel, walk through the museum village,
two more rides on the carousel,
Ikea, supper, home... SUCH a great day!
The Burnaby Village Carousel...
(long post of pictures! ... too hard to pick favourites)
When we first got there Ranen was rather overwhelmed!
The carousel was in motion, the songs were playing and she was in awe!!
I think all the hype up to it had her so excited that she didn't know what to do
and because of that she was almost in tears... then she joined the lineup and the rest is history:)

So happy that Corina joined us on our day out... LOVE her company!
First Horse of choice: Mignonette

Pretty sure this chap doesn't have much fear of such things...

When we went for the first ride there was a TON of school kids...
so we went off to explore the village... buildings of a time long ago...
Must say... Katie is SUCH a trooper... not a peep of complaint
- even though naps are delayed,
food is here a little there a little, sitting around and waiting,
and doing fun things for everyone but her! 
She is quiet through it all... not many smiles but not fussy! 
Such a GEM! 

What?? An updated family picture... check!  

A stunning sister with my precious babe... check!
Then we saw the cow... and needed one more!
(perhaps Ben was thinking we were nuts...  but I love it!) 

Finally we ended it with one more ride at the carousel (or so we thought...)
seriously sweet....  these two <3
and these two guys... they are my faves!

Checking out names and stories of the favourite horses...
Ranen really wanted to watch it go around one more time so we sat off to the side,
a lady approached me to please fill out a questionnaire...
I hummed and hawed over it because I hate doing such things but finally
relented and much to our surprise received 2 free tickets for the carousel - BONUS!
Ranen's expression when I told her we could go again:


(Thanks Love... for some pictures of me with the kids... )
Pretty sure a day doesn't get much better than that! xo