Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ranen's Fieldtrip

to the Apple Barn!
We had a lot of fun...
Looking at the bee hive, seeing how apples grow,
in the petting zoo, on the hay wagon ride...

 (looking for the queen bee..)

It was very neat to see how Ranen
is still a restrained confident child amoung her classmates!
Listening well, watching and mingling with the others
while looking back for reassuring 'check-ins'
 (love this...)
class group picture...

Ready to sing the song they had practiced...
Even Owen got in on the action on the next table over:)
(he even got a black hand worm to participate in the actions for the worm in the apple!)
SO thankful that my Mom came along... not too sure
what I would have done without her! 
and this picture... my heart melts!
A couple posed pictures at the end of the day:

 Just could not decide on a favourite of my lil' "missy moo"
Just too many expressions!!
When it is not the tongue/smile then its the eyes that get me!!

 our chief:

our darling:
Holding my children tight...
giving extra love, hugs and kisses.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

She got "flamingoed"!!!!

A dear and wonderful aunt turned 50 today!! And she got flamingoed! 

A wonderful lady Aunt Wendy is... A hard worker, a sweet lady, an excellent giver, a kind heart :)
 We are all privileged to know her and look forward to celebrating her on Friday night!! Xo

Monday, September 22, 2014

Mommy FAVES!

seriously love...
this girl tho... her eyes - they speak volumes! her smiles brightens a room!

and can't forget her tongue. her tongue - yup, hopefully your teeth pop through soon!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


how do you pick a few favourites with
this much goodness going on...
How I love these two people!
You are such a fabulous couple... thanks so much
for asking me to capture this 'goodness' of your love!!
Photog fave:

 SO happy we may the drive to Crescent Beach... Like REALLY!

a little long exposure in the darkness to capture the city.... want to play around more with this!!
A little sneak peek, I'd love to share more but first Michelle and Derek
get their choiice as to which ones they want to use on engagement cards!
More coming eventually :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

My lil sis...


So happy for Dan and Laura...
You are and hoping you continue to be a blessing in each others lives:) 

What a gorgeous ring....
The happy couple!! Looking forward to your wedding and helping you plan (that is if you'll allow your bossy older sister to help:p)!!! 

Xo love you guys!!
Congrats again! 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Some favourites....

With Ranen going to preschool 3 partial days a week
I seem to be able to complete a little of the backed up personal editing...
Sharing some of my recent favourites:
Preschool started for our dear darling!
She is so excited and so ready for this adventure!
...not so sure if Mommy is quite ready!...
(but I have to be - the teacher asks Ranen "Where would you like
to say goodbye to your mom?" Ranen looks up at me "Goodbye Mom" and
runs off... I call her back for a quick hug and kiss and she was gone!)
 Ranen is attending a private preschool by Barrowtown Elementary school
and is super lucky  because they have an awesome playground
with a "super duper high slide"

Not often is my girl this photogenic...  love all these shots I've captured!!

To me this picture symbolizes my dear daughter at the threshold of her future...
For some reason, I just love it....  She`s prepared, she`s ready, she`s bracing herself, she`s eager...
Last week, my wonderful nephew with his fantastic girl friend were down from Ontario...
we did some great things together...
(for now I have mostly edited the pictures of us from those days
but their pictures will come soon!!!)
We went for a bike ride on the sea wall around Stanley Park...
Then topped it off with dinner at White Rock!!

 this right here just might be my most favourite picture ever... 

 Love having people with us on day outings... I actually get an updated family picture :)

One without the sun flare... (nothing like serious expressions...)

Chasing seagulls...
We had a great time there... needing to go finish up some things
around here so will have to put more up another day!!