Thursday, July 16, 2015

My loves...

My sassy one and I... Buddying up on the lawnmower

My one who loves learning!

My one who loves helping (even if that involves being in the way!!)

All my loves!! ��

Monday, July 6, 2015

Friday's blueberry picking!

Local Harvest has completely no spray blueberries for u-pick for $1.50 a lb
I decided to take the kids and we had 1.5 hours of fun ��
Huge berries....

It was a hot day so we started picking just after nine and were done by 10:30!
Ranen started out with a pint basket and because I didn't think she would stick to it too long I offerend her $2 for a full basket :) .... SHE PICKED 8 BASKETS FULL!!!
She loved it and picked the bushes clean!

Katie's pickings went all into her mouth❤️

25lbs of goodness all frozen away now!! 


My little Saturday evening pickings:
�� my garden 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Feelin a lil like superwoman....

Thanks to all the sweet comments from the hikers on Teapot this morning! Not sure if they actually thought I was normal or psycho... "You're so brave!" "Wow can't believe you're going up like that!" .... 
I attempted it for the first time with the three kidlets!! Pushing the empty double Bob.... Knowing I was going to need it at some point... Katie in the carrier on me :) 

We had a grand time - excerised the complaint department well, and got a good healthy dose of exercise...with a lot of encouragement and confidence boosting Ranen walked up around 85% herself, Owen probably 60% and Katie, well she got the free ride!! 

All of them hitched a free ride down once we were past the narrow areas! Just like this: 

Now to make it a weekly or at least bi-weekly adventure����

Monday, June 29, 2015

Mix and Match

Family BBQ on Saturday night gave us this gem...
Love this picture like crazy!!

Had uniform fit day on Friday... Oh she's ready... (Not too sure about mommy tho!)

Third big pail of deliciousness from my bushes! 

Kids were by my parents on Wednesday for a bit... This is what I came home to... Love it!! 

Tante Carla gave this chick a lollipop... She loved it!! ❤️


A trip to the eye doctor made fun once again by the Burnaby Carousel... And a little exploring around Deer Lake!!

The kids, especially Ranen, absolutely love the carousel.... We went for one ride and then explored along the trail before riding one more time :) 

Courtney came along this time... She is such a sweetheart and the kids adore her! 
Also, she took a few pictures of me with the kids... A rarity to have pictures of me in there. 

A quick stop at the climbing structure and swings and then back to the carousel!

This time I let Katie ride on a tiny horse... She was SO proud of herself... Wish I could have captured it but...

Once again, we enjoyed our day out to the city.... Now we will have to wait till September :) xo