Monday, December 28, 2015

This makes me smile...

It has been a SUPER long time since I've posted...
and for those of you checking back regularly - I am sorry
but life is more important than updating a blog
and its been busy around here
(will update more on that eventually)
but for now...
some pictures that are keeping me awake
even though I should REALLY be sleeping!!

But this. This make my heart smile.
 Well, hello there, Mr. Veggie Snow Man... how do you do?

 the older two were SO pumped about making a snow man, and katie, she wasn't too sure about the snow!! Would much rather stick to the grass trails from where we rolled the snow balls...

For now, good night!!

Hopefully some time soon I can find some time to post:

1) Palm Springs (oh, what an amazing time Ben and I had - 5 days, 4 nights
of reconnection and time together... how we needed it and how great it was!
also, how I hope every single couple may have time together like that!!
yes, really it was that good!!  hikes, tennis, food,...)

2) some important family memories we have had... like dinner with 
Ben's parents and siblings... what a great evening that was!

3)Sweet baby Ainsley... a blessing added to Chris and Richelle's family...
Here are a few pictures to tie you over... such a sweet heart!

 She is a gem... and so very loved by all!


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