Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ranen and the classifier

This story...
too cute and sweet to not put on paper!!

Last week Saturday the classifier came to the dairy farm.
This happens, I believe two or three times per year.

This year he came at 7 am so I messaged Ben if they
would like a breakfast sandwich/coffee
and off to the farm we went for a delivery!

Ranen, enthralled as always with anything farm related,
started asking questions already in the house...
Who's here?
Why does he come?

I explained as best I could that every cow
at approximately two years old
gets looked at by a classifier to see how pretty she looks.
I said the man looks at her and thinks
do you have pretty legs?
is your back straight?

Then, when on route to the farm, Ranen asks
"Mom, does the man look on the inside of the cow too?"

"No," I reply, "only the vet does that at herd health".

A minute or so later, Ranen responds,
"But Mom, that's what matters right?"

"What Rain?"

"That the inside is beautiful"

Oh my darling, dear daughter... you are SO right!
I try to teach you this every day and obviously you hear me and that
makes me so happy....  I love you beyond words...

Then I was left trying to explain the difference
of how the insides don't look beautiful
but how actions make a person wonderful, kind and sweet!

And yes, some cows may be more friendly and kind than others.

Just like this girl, Sweetheart!  We miss her!


  1. Wow how precious! Ranen, you are a gem!!
    Xo Aunty Lou

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