Friday, February 24, 2012

It's a BOY!!

Meet Tanner Christopher :)

Looking so much like his daddy... this little boy makes my big brother a proud daddy for the second time.  Chris and his dear wife Richelle welcomed their 9lb 11oz boy at 1:25 this morning!!
A true joy :)

Enjoying great-grandma's hands... such a comfort! 

Opa and Oma Lindhout                        and Richelle's Grandma

I had a doctor's appointment this morning so we decided to stop in and see Tanner :)  Ranen is in love with her new little cousin...  And is fascinated that he can blow bubbles and that he has a nose!!

One more picture of the big little guy :)  xo

Chris and Richelle (and Taycin) - wishing you much happiness and love
Congrats with your little one :)

Now Ben and I will need to find a new name ...
true story - this was our boy name too!!

Also, I just heard that I need to find a new doctor because my family doctor
will be done by the end of March - not great timing!!  xo


  1. Yes, SO thankful all went well! Little Tanner looks just like his Daddy... VERY CUTE! Thanks for posting this Marlies! Mom

  2. Wow.. what a big 'little' guy! Love it! Such a blessing.. thanks for posting pics.. I've been thinking about their family all day already:)

  3. Very Cute! And look at those rolly polly legs:) He does look like Chris! Adk


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