Monday, February 27, 2012

What a fabulous week!!

This past week... what a great week it was :)
And the cherry on top - Saturday!!!

Saturday was filled with activities that have been hitting the back burner
since May (yup, we moved here in May and not much
house oriented has occurred since then!)
Saturday we ...
* hung some pictures
* finished painting the back entry
* painted doors
* hung a few more doors
* attached a few door knobs
* mopped the kitchen floor (thanks, Courtney!!)
* put up a few other home decor items :)
What a great day it was - thanks Ben!

New little chicks arrived in the barn Friday afternoon so we checked them out Friday night! 
Ranen, our animal lover, enjoyed it a lot - apparently
we will be visiting every new shipment from now on!!

These chicks are less then 24 hours old - 30,000 per floor!

It is a challenge for me to get good pictures in the chicken barns because the lighting is horrendous but at least some good memories are captured :)

  Monday: Dancing a jig to our new nursery rhyme cd...
  Tuesday: all mastered climbing onto the couch - and very proud about it!!

 A picture with my mom!!!! :)  tickle/silly time!

Wednesday: hot tub time with Daddy and my new rubber duckies!
Great Opa and Oma Lindhout came over today, stayed for dinner and rummikub!

Thursday:  Oreo cookies... need I say anymore??  Just don't forget the bib! :)

Mommy went away Thursday night to hear the secondary presentations at school
which means Ranen gets spoiled at bed time!! 

Love this... 

Friday - the day we were blessed with another nephew/cousin!!  Welcome baby Tanner :)
Friday was also the chicks...

Here are a few pics I took from my mom's camera the other day :)

The 3 cousins... 
(on the day that Cayden told everyone that he's going to be a big brother!)

Uncle Ivan and the munchkins!

Ranen crashed out in Opa and Oma's bed:

Well - time to get back to work :)  Enjoy the sun!!


  1. Those chicks are SO cute !!! I can see Ranen would love to go to the barn, when the chicks are this young! Those pics of her asleep- PRICELESS! Mom

  2. Those baby chicks bring back memories of us chicken farming! Kids always loved that too:) See of bit of character in the two pics of Taycin too! (check out her face on those shots-lol) Aren't kids the best?


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