Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Week 9 ... mostly in pictures :)

A great week ... a few pictures :) 

On Wednesday, while Ranen spent 3 hours straight in the tractor with Daddy, I accomplished some much needed window cleaning outside and gave the car's exterior a good scrub!  It felt SO SO good to be doing some physical work - feels like I sit behind my computer all the time :)

The puppies are growing and we are getting the first calls for people speaking for them.  They are on kijiji for $400... will see how that goes!  It looks like we have second litter on the way from our other dog!  Apparently we are not great at keeping our 'in heat' females away from that neighbour border collie!!  OOPS!  (here is a sneak peek to next week's pics!!)

We have had a little more time for baking lately... if I can say so, it tastes great :) (just not so sure how good it is for me!!)
Blueberry Struesel Coffee Cake - yummy!

One of Ranen's favourite toys lately is her car garage!!  She pushes the car down the 'slide' and through her legs!

 Lunch lately... so delicious!! (and much healthier than baking)
I put half plain yogurt and half frozen fruits in the blender and ta-da!!

...  even Ranen loves it!

The orchid that Ben surprised me with once when he went grocery shopping is back in bloom... I just love it!! ... next week a picture of the new orchid I just got!! 

On thursday I had a lovely day out with my good friend Christy and stocked up on some much needed wardrobe items :)
Mom was making us dinner this night so I dropped the bags and ran - didnt want to be too late!!

Saturday we got a few more odds and ends done around the house - feels lovely :) I tell you - there is nothing (well, not much!!) like crossing things off a 9 month long to-do list!! Thanks Love!

A few items that were checked off the list... hanging pictures and doors!!
Ranen loves helping....

Our hallway!

We have had a little crazy weather lately... seems like we get everything in one day
like snow, rain, hail and even a little sun!!

Come back on Saturday - I hope to do a special post just for my Dad!!
He hopes to be celebrating a milestone birthday :)

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  1. Love that pic of Ranen helping Ben! She sure LOVES her ladybug boots, doesn't she? Those puppies are SO cute!! Mom


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