Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 11 :)

How quickly a week flies by...  a few snapshots from last week!!

Bath time lately involves building snakes and crowns!!
Ranen really enjoys putting things together like this and her block towers...

My window sill in the bathroom has some life now!! (rather than just dust:)

 Apparently Ranen figures we don't feed her enough... I walked into the kitchen and saw this!
She opened the fridge, pulled out the left over cake and started eating:)

On Thursday night we had family night at our place
(how nice to not have the drive home at night ... lol)
Opa and Oma Lindhout and Oudshoorn both spent the afternoon here and then
had dinner with us and my parents (thanks mom, for making dinner for us!)
Oma Lindhout folded my wash and Oma Oudshoorn
hemmed up Ranen's bedroom curtains - now we can actually
open her blinds daily!!!!  Thanks Oma :)

Oma with Tanner :)

Loving these next 2 pictures of my brothers and their kids!!

On Friday, Jack from Silverstone Garden Design came by to have a look at our yard...
we plan to do a little updating:)  Out with this look!!
Perhaps even a paint job eventually :)

On Saturday morning, I left Ranen to cuddle in bed with Daddy and I went
to the kidswap at Heritage Park and scored this awesome deal!!!  15 bucks!!
Ranen is in LOVE!!
(also picked up some great baby things for at Oma's house)

Pretty much her Saturday consisted of sliding, sliding and a bit more sliding!!!


  1. Such a darlin'...:) We are blessed with an awesome family, hey? xo

  2. Aww... Ranen is growing up so fast! I love the ones of her sliding- that looks like it'll be lots of fun for her:) and the pic of Chris and Tayc is adorable!

  3. Well, how nice to see this post while we're in Cabo San Lucas! We are thoroughly enjoying this holiday in the sun!! We just returned from Lover's Beach at Land's End...what a BEAUTIFUL morning!!! To see the four grandkids on pics is awesome...hope to see you all Saturday! Mom

  4. Your daughter is such a sweethert Mar.. Think she wiggles her way into everyone's heart! Now we know where her chubby cheeks come from... the fridge! :)
    xo Laura


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