Monday, March 12, 2012


Last week's theme: New life...
It seems much of the week we either experienced, saw or enjoyed new things!!
My favourites are of my dear new nephew and his happy darling sister...

Aren't they so sweet!! Love them :)
Last Monday started off great with Ranen entering a new stage (at least we hope!!)
She was playing quietly for so long that I actually went to go check up on her!
... a very positive change!! This is what I found:

Tuesday we took the puppies outside and Cayden and Ranen came up with a new 'game':
They now enjoy playing 'train'!!  So cute :)

My new find off Craigslist - the double BOB stroller!! 
Basically saved $550 off the price of a new one - super pumped!!
And Cayden and Ranen loved riding together:)

I received a new orchid from a great friend last week... so beautiful!! Thanks Reina:)
(I am a bit of an orchid lover - I have 5 in my kitchen window :)

This is my new one - LOVE the colour:)

Corina gave us this special one 2.5 years ago and it is blooming again for the fourth time!!

Thursday I stirred up this frenzy!!  Soon to be nesting again ...

My still relatively 'new' lens, which I thoroughly enjoy
helped me capture these shots of spring ... L.O.V.E. this season

I really like how my lens allows me to put such a small amount in focus :)

Oh, we are looking forward to more sun!!!
(It has been rather REALLY rainy here the last few days)


  1. What beautiful pics you captured of baby Tanner...and of Taycin holding him! Your new lens must be SO fun to "play with", I love how it focuses on a minute object and fades out the rest...SPRING, nature unfolding it's new growth, lots to photograph this season. Enjoying your posts, as always. Keep it up :) Mom

  2. Good job Marlies! I love the flower pictures.
    I got a cart from Nelleke with florian's picture, very cool!


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