Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!!

To our much loved Dad...

Happy 50th Birthday!!

You have taught us so much and continue to do so
we are so thankful that you are able to be with all of us
from day to day. 

You have taught us the importance of quality time...
... and having a strong work ethic.

You are a true role model in so many ways for us!
You volunteer your time to us in the most unselfish of ways!
A true hero in every sense of the word.
Even though we may not say it regularly -
We love you beyond what words can say... xo

Dad, you are also an amazing grandfather...

You and Mom demonstrate a true love for us,
which not many can compare to, I do believe...
(but I won't make it too mushy here!!)

(I can just hear mom... NOT. THAT. PICTURE. - but at least I didn't do the 'muscle man' picture :)
Love you two!!

Once again wishing you a fabulous day with your family...
And I am really looking forward to breakfast so I am going to go jump in the shower!
(and we will try to not be late today!!) :)

xo Love you Dad!


  1. Inderdaad a lovely post to commemorate a very special day to an awesome B-I-L.. always good advice and insight, always willing to lend a helping hand, always makes time for anyone.. we hope you thoroughly enjoy your day! See you all tonight:)

  2. Wishing your dad a very happy milestone birthday! Hope he had a great day from beginning to end. Elmer & Judy


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