Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 12 :)

A busy week last week... with lots of sun!!! 
We enjoyed being outdoors so much we are hoping that the sun returns soon:)

I am loving the fact that I now have an iphone... so much easier to quickly pull out the phone,
take a decent picture, capture the memory
than to run inside, find the camera, take it outside - oh, shoot, missed
that moment... try keep camera in reaching range, etc....
I still use my camera because the picture quality is much better
but just saying, ease of use is a handy characteristic of the phone!!
But wowza... there sure are a lot of pics to edit!!

Last week:

Monday's tend to be difficult days for Ranen...
I guess she has a difficult time adjusting to the different levels
of attention paid towards her from Sunday to Monday??  Not too sure!
Monday's tend to be busy days for me but lately I haven't been able to
accomplish much because Ranen is 'needing' my attention:)
So when frustrations are high we head out to the farm!!

This time we took Ranen's car (put in the platform so her feet wouldn't rub)
instead of the stroller - she loved it!

Cows and tractors... doesn't get much better :)

This Monday we found her favorite cow #898... it is super tame! 
It actually pulled off Ranen's hat when she wasn't paying attention!

Spring was out in full glory last week....

My raspberry patch before and after the pruning sheers and tying job :) 
Hoping for a good crop!

Vegetables and flowers... hopefully germinating right now!!

Wednesday... Cayden came over for a playdate while Mommy worked...
We had a great time:)

On the swing and in the puddles :)
Ranen is not too sure of the swing so Cayden didn't even have to share!!

Along with nice weather comes Daddy hauling manure...
Thursday and Friday were quiet days for me because Ranen spent 4 hours
each day in the tractor!  I even got to go to the doc appt alone:)

Waiting for the next ride...

I can have ponytails again... my hair is starting to grow!

The greenhouse is full of fun things to do...
planting rocks, dropping rocks through the bench, Jessie provides entertainment...
lets just say


On Friday we watched Opa's crew pour concrete....

... and the kids... they fed the cows!!

The beginning of side walk chalk...
how I treasure each and every stage!!!

Week 12 also consisted of Auntie Helen's birthday (saturday!)
and a new friend  'Samuel James' was born to Auntie Sarah and Uncle Mitch (saturday) 

Ranen's awake... off I run!! 


  1. She's really growing up, that girl of yours! I love that picture of her sitting on the dog. It sure is nice when the sun comes out. I hope along with spring comes more dry weather! Mom

  2. Awesome snapshots Mar! Now that I'm actually keeping up and checking your blogs weekly I find that I cannot wait till the next one! Ranen is such a doll and it is awesome how well her and Cayden get along!

    Very pretty pics of those purple flowers! Think they'll make gorgeous canvases... Sorry Dad:)

    xo Laura


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