Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finally... Week 13!

It has taken me a while to get this post up...

Saturday morning I noticed that my computer was infected
with a nasty virus -
after a few panic texts to my wonderful 'tante',
(really, I knew it wasn't her problem and it was probably
the LAST thing she wanted to hear about on a Saturday morning...)
I unplugged every thing, picked up the box and brought
it in to Express Computers :)

I got it back late Monday - all cleaned up!!
The first thing I did.... download an antivirus program :)

Anyhow, that set me back a bit this week but
now we are getting back on track!!

A few pictures...

We are trying a new remedy for the 'mommy i want attention and I want it now' stage!!
Colouring...  Ranen's high chair is pulled right up beside me, we turn on her nursery rhymes,
give her a few crayons and a blank sheet of paper.... happy for quite a while!!

Especially when the wheels on the bus song comes on!!! 
Here are some of the hand motions that she knows for the song!  Love it...

The horn goes beep, beep, beep

The money goes clink, clink, clink

The baby goes waa, waa, waa... 

The people say shh, shh, shh

Sidewalk chalk is also a new discovery :)

Buddy colouring...

... and each playing their own educational iphone game!!!
... we try to not make this a habit :)

Wednesday we went to mom's for coffee....
Cayden was their for the day so the two rug rats got to play together again!

They were tearing down the old Rosedale elementary school as we drove home...

On Thursday Opa and Oma Lindhout came and spent a few hours with us...

Friday was Oma Lindhout's birthday...
we had a great time celebrating a very special lady!  Love you Oma!

Friday was also grocery day...  I was babysitting Cayden so we took him along!
We stopped by Country Gardens for a few more seeds and a gorgeous orchid for Oma.
I do believe that Brian Minter thought I was going to tear down his store
with the two rug rats in my double stroller because he only checked up on us
about 10 times in the fifteen minute span that we were there!!
... and then questioned my ability to multi-task!
Oops... apparently you can't trust a crazy woman with two one-year-olds!
All good :)
We made it out in one piece,
with an orchid, tea leaves, seeds, strawberry plants, and two balloons
 and we didn't knock over anything!

Helping with vacuuming...
a real "mommy, I can do anything that you do, but better!!"

back to work I go!


  1. I love the pics of her doing shh shh shh and waa waa! priceless:)

  2. How many times I have checked for a blog this week, I don't know...looking forward to coming over tomorrow! The pictures of Ranen acting out "the wheels on the bus go round and round..." are adorable! What a beautiful rocker-glider chair you have! Just heard from Oma you picked it up for $80, is that true? Good deal, I'm thinking!!! Ranen learns new things everyday doesn't she? Such a DOLL, she is! She enjoys her visits with Opa and Oma Lindhout, I see :) Mom


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