Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 16 :)

Right now...
Ranen is in the tractor with Ben...
the printer is firing out prints...
the house is half cleaned :)....
and I am going to post a blog ON. TIME. :)

Last week - a busy and successful one!
I had quite a few meetings with soon-to-be brides...
so much fun - I love wedding designing :)
- Just a heads up... a few more days to get 10% off!! -

Saturday was a fabulous day - full of sun and hard work!

My wonderful dad and mom came to work on the fence - the
boards are up now... soon to come - the wire and
Ranen will be allowed outside at her leisure!!
(without me having to worry about tractors, ditches, the road, etc, etc!)
Can't wait... because our monkey loves the outdoors!

Saturday morning involved ripping out all the old big bushes in front of
our house!!  Yay!  We are starting with a new look!
Ivan came to help with rototilling - thanks bud!
(it was some payback for me helping him with some homework
- and he got 100% on that assignment so a fair deal I say!)
Thanks to Jack at Silverstone Garden, for the design
and organizing all the plants and planting :) 
It was all done by 1 in the afternoon :)
Then I finished adding the extra screws in the fence boards and now
we are ready to continue.... 
After washing the car I must say I was DONE for the day!!

Helping Daddy... we saved 3 plants - the rest are on the burn pile
(well until Oma Lindhout rescues them that is!!)
It was time for a fresh start :)
The big rhodo shrubs were just about to bloom... Had we waited another
week we could have enjoyed them but more than likely field work will
be extremely busy then so better done now :)

One of the few flowers in bloom....            ...before it got ripped out!!

 The shovel and I got into a fight while I dug out the day lillies
 that I saved for Oma...

The new look:  (looks sparse yet but will grow:)
-this really doesn't do it justice but had to include a picture-
What it should look like in a couple of years...

Cathrine helped out on Wednesday last week and these two monkeys
had fun on Ranen's rocker...

Then Opa and Oma came by for a walk to the Heron Nests...
I love where we live.
 Over 100 inhabited nests in the Blue Heron Reserve. 
The eggs are close to hatching and by June the young will be sitting
along the water streams already!



 I do believe this is my favourite 'in-flight' bird picture ever...

I think I have a picture of this tree in every season now...

The doctors have me doing weekly non-stress tests again
for the last 8 weeks of pregnancy...
On thursday I went while Mom took care of Ranen
...  this baby is quite VERY active!!!
Especially for the 45 min I was attached to the monitor.
The straight black lines are from when I feel movement -
so yeah, basically continually!
I must say, I never tire of feeling movement though!
Hoping and praying all goes well...

Going out to enjoy the sun and water my plants :)  xo


  1. Wow! One organized on-time lady you are! What a new look at the house:) and how cute to throw the picture in of that very active baby! enjoy it for the last bit:) Very precious.. xo

  2. Wow you must be a busy one right now! Been checking daily for a new blog and... its just not coming!:) Hope you'll get to it soon.. I know your busy preparing for the baby and stuff! xo Laura


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