Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not bad...

Well, I say not bad!!
Didn't actually think I would make it to May without skipping a week of posting!!
Anyhow, here is 2 weeks worth of photos :) 
Week 17 and 18... and I guess it is almost time for Week 19 too!!

And a bit of catching up:
A few birthdays....
Brother-in-law Wim and sister-in-law-to-be Janine both celebrated
a birthday on May 3...
As well as a good friend, Broni :)
Hope you all had a great day!!!

Very good friends, Ken and Hen had a baby girl, Lauren, on April 29...
she is such a cutie :)

Week 17 - Tuesday:  Steve and Cath came for dinner and hot tubbing
but Cayden had nothing to wear so he put on one of Ranen's swimsuits :)

Family night...

We start to wonder what is going on when there is too much silence on Tuesdays...
here they had demolished a whole box of kleenex!!

Love you Ranen!

Colouring... first she was excited about the colour on her hands...
 ...then not so much!!
 Helping clean bathroom mirrors :)                        And admiring her job :)

During breakfast she phoned Uncle Jason (who is working across the field from us)
to say "Jason genie up".... 

Now... I am going back to work!! 
(been getting lots of housecleaning done lately...
hoping that means baby coming soon!!)

Hoping we can get back on track with Week 19 on Monday...
Or I may even consider doing random, smaller posts more often!! :)
We'll have to see!


  1. Really love the pic of Cayden in that swimsuit-priceless! He will be SO thrilled when that is shown on his wedding day:)

  2. YEAH! A post! :) Ranen is sure putting sentences together eh! So cute how she always "keeps an eye" on Uncle Jay's crew!
    Cayden and Ranen are sure little monkeys together! Wait till the fence is up and they go outside! Probably come in looking a brown with mud! So cute!
    xo Laura

  3. I agree with Laura..finally a post:) Have to admit, I have been checking every day (and sometimes twice:)) Love the pic of Ranen in her purple chair! Priceless! Cathrine


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