Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Week 19 and part of 20 :)

The rest of last week and the start of this week :)
Ranen spent a fabulous day at Dad and Mom last week...
some more picture evidence!

Fascinated with the dog water and dog house....  disgusting :)
Last time she was there she started drinking the dog water!!

A dandelion lick:)   Helping Auntie Laura muck out horse pens!

Loves helping wash car... 
And Mommy forgot an extra change of clothes - oops! 

We had some fun at home too...
been very busy pressure washing, scrubbing the patio,
getting the pool ready, spring cleaning, etc...

Ranen loves helping with cooking
(especially when she gets to eat CHEESE)

One more puppy left too sell... Ranen will miss them :)

Mother's Day:
Daddy and Ranen know the way to Mommy's heart :)

A birthday for Cayden yesterday = a second post today!!!


  1. Just wondering what kind of puppies you are selling...and how much you are asking.

  2. Wow! How much can you fit into one day ? A sure sign of getting ready for baby, DV., all this cleaning! Can't wait to see it on Monday, when we come to help get the pool up and running and the fence done! Isn't all this warm weather fabulous? Beauty collection of pictures! So nice, also for all our AB family, to enjoy :) Thanks Marlies! Love you! Mom


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