Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh, it SUCKS!!

It really hurts this heart of mine to listen
to our daughter cry for 1 hour and 55 min!
From 12:50 AM! to 2:45 AM!
All over a B.O.T.T.L.E.

Yes, she routinely still wakes up in the middle of the night,
not every night (but enough nights that I am ready to make it change!),
for a few ounces of warm milk
and then she will nicely go back to sleep!
See, this process usually takes less then 5 minutes
so I always figured it was easier than fighting it!
But, really, if all goes well, I dont want to be waking up for 2 babies :)

So tough to let her cry...
would try holding her, gave her a sippy with warm water,
she has her teddy and soother!
(a bottle of water in bed with her the last few nights did
nothing but make her mad!!)
but in the long run I had to crawl back into bed and
just let her cry it out!

Because mom is more stubborn then daughter!!

Hoping one night has taught her well...
and we dont renew the battle tonight :)

A few pic of happier times!
(while spending a day at Oma's house...)
 The bottle....

 Love this pic.... the mountain and all!

Her REAL grin... LOVE it...
this picture means a lot to me! So hard to capture her realy smile!
Much more photogenic for Oma then for me!! :)

Thanks Mom for these pics (more to be blogged soon)
They are great!!


  1. What adorable shots:)
    Here's to hoping you have a better night tonight!!

  2. Very sweet! All smiles. I can't even imagine her crying. All the best tonight!

  3. LOL If she persists hopefully the crying will get shorter and shorter until she realizes your really not giving in :) The JOYS of our dear children LOL!!!!! Chelsey


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