Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How old are you?? TWO!!

Cayden's birthday...
2nd post today...
especially for a cute, rambunctious, fun, exciting, busy little nephew :)
We LOVE you Cayden!! :)
A few lot of pictures of your party last night: this little guy :)

This 'little mother' was more interested in Tanner than playing...
she loves babies - and if all goes well in the next couple of weeks
I may just have my hands full!!!

Ranen loved having Dixie there... a great sort of entertainment!
And Tyler is a fabulous uncle who enjoys playing with Cayden!!

As soon as our fence is done we are going to get some sand for Ranen's sandbox...
She loved it!!

 What do you mean, this hat's not cool??  I think so!! 

Tacyin loving the swing - love you Tayc!!

Gift opening...
balls, a chair, water guns, water wings, and a bike seat!!

Water guns got put to use right away :)

Mom and sweet, content Tanner :)

Then, out came the bubbles...

So much fun... off to another part for Cayden this morning :)


  1. Great pic's! Ranen knew she needed a hard hat...when playing with all those boys!

  2. What an adorable pic of Cayden, that 1st one is! and... how well these 3 cousins get along, for the most part, is such a joy! It is a great blessing, Dad a I are very grateful for. All of you are truly wonderful parents! Much love, Mom

  3. Aww such cute pictures!! this really makes me excited to come back and hug all the kids again! Thinking about you in your last weeks- hope all goes well! Love Janine


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