Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday already...

Can't believe that it is Thursday already...

We have accomplished so much around here
lately - and it feels SO good!
Last night we tackled the garage
and added that to our accomplished list!
Such a great feeling with the list of D.O.N.E.
 gets longer than the T.O. D.O. list...
(and it is great to have wonderful family
who come over and help...
of course, pancake breakfast with blueberries
and whipping cream entices most people:)

Saturday everything was officially planted at the farm :)
182 hours is a new record for Ben in 2 weeks -
lets hope that record never gets broken!!

Last week:

We had Cayden's birthday on Tuesday.

Ranen loves to 'help' Mommy in the kitchen:

With dishes and bubbles...

 Helping make fruit salad: (or in other words... eating grapes!)

Running, late again, to my non stress test...

Janine, we hope you have a GREAT safe trip home tomorrow :)

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  1. Thanks Mar!! :) REally looking forward to seeing you all again!


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