Thursday, April 12, 2012

Week 14 :)

Here it is...  week 14!!

Ranen seems to notice everything in the sky...
from eagles soaring to the difference
between airplanes and jets :)

Last week we cleared the grass so that we could mow...
unfortunately our lawn is still not mown!

Isn't it funny, how when the sun shines for a few days we forget how wet it really was!!
On Saturday we jumped along in the motorhome with
my parents, Steve & Cath, Cayden, Derek & Janine...
off we were to Ambleside Park for breakfast,
followed by joining up with Chris & Richelle and Taycin and Tanner
at the aquarium and then
we biked the seawall -
What a GORGEOUS day we had :)
... and you can't forget - watching 'birds' at the airport!!
nothing tops off a day in Vancouver quite like watching planes!
 (at least to a Lindhout!)
[Ben had to do field work... so one day soon we will head there again!]

Our fabulous chefs :)  Thanks for the good breakfast Dad and Mom!

while we played, discovered and bonded :)...

The city really can be beautiful... 

Blossoms were in full bloom :)

Cath and I both find that we don't have very many pictures of us
with our kidlets so we made a point of capturing eachother....

Auntie Janine worked on Ranen's fear of swings...
and in no time she was going on her own!

Look Mom!!!                             On a mission: Cayden


L.O.V.E. x2

The little mini playground/slide was a huge hit!!

Off to the aquarium:

Checking out the dolphins...
Thanks Aunt Nel for letting us use your bike - sure beats mine!!
and a lot easier having a seat then pulling a trailer!

We finished off the day with hot dogs at the airport...

Auntie Janine sure is good with the kids...  and they love her!

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  1. Yup, often it is just a simple day out like this that creates great memories! We have piled into our motorhome for many a one day trip, just like this one. Bringing along the cook top, toilet, bed and bikes provides for a comfortable day, for all ages. Biking on the Sea Wall at Stanley Park is one of my favorite outings! LOVE that pic of Ranen looking back over Dad's shoulder! Mom

  2. Definately an awesome day!! Thanks for the pictures of Cayden and I....Cayden's 2nd Year book may have more than 1 picture of me in it:) Cathrine

  3. Beautiful pictures once again! I am very glad to find out that we are not the only people who just hop in the van (ok, so we don't have a motorhome...) with a picnic lunch, wander around Vancouver randomly and also spend huge quantities of time at the airport!! too funny! Cathy Noordegraaf


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