Thursday, April 12, 2012

Birthdays :)

Sister-in-law Richelle had her 26th birthday yesterday....
she says 26 feels old!!
She is a happy, loving dedicated mother who
treasures spending time with her 2 kidlets and fabulous hubby!!
We stopped by there yesterday morning for coffee :)
(much better than the glucose-blood-sugar-testing-liquid
that I had to have for breakfast!!!) 
and some very yummy pie....
Ranen actually is able to say Tanner now... so cute!

So i guess this was taken when you were still 'young'.... xo

Happy birthday Richelle - hope you had a great day :)

Last night, my niece Jacqueline
came and 'crashed' in the hot tub/house with 5 of her
friends for a spa birthday party!!
She turned the big 16!!!!
face masks, foot massages, hand/feet rubs, etc etc... it was great!!

 (Please don't hate me for posting these!!)

applying the masks in the bathroom...

20 minutes of relaxation... complete with music and foot massages
(or tickling according to Corina!!)

Removing the masks... 

Foot cream!

Hope you like the pics girls...
I have some more so will give a disc to Jacqueline with them :)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,JACQUELINE! I think some of these pics should make it into the MCCS yearbook :) NL

    1. or maybe not!! :) lol -Jacqueline

  2. It was loads of fun! Thanks Marlies:)

  3. It was awesome :D Thanks again Auntie Mar :D lol and no I dont hate you for posting those pictures of me... :) <3 xoxo Jacqueline


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