Thursday, April 19, 2012

Week 15

I seem to be slacking off a little in the taking pictures department...
We've been having some hectic weeks -
Ben worked 90 hours and then was delayed with the rain
so once it turns nice again he will be busy ...
they are planting approx 100 acres into grass around the home farm here :)
Means shorter trips for hauling manure for the next 7 years or so - such a bonus!

The print shop is busy with design and print for weddings!
... I love designing for wedding because you build up a theme
for invites, programs, thank you cards and the like :)
So much fun and so much variety!!
If you are getting married this year...
remember to contact me for 10% off in April!

Ranen has really picked up on talking lately... 
2, 3, or 4 words are being put together :)
Like the other day I think she was trying to tell me that she wanted to go with Ben in the tractor
after supper because she said "Nener supper daddy tractor"
'Nener' if her nickname for Ranen:)
So cute! - so much fun :) 
I love being a mom!

Beware of all white trucks like this.... no joke - it is equipped with red and blue lights!!
Apparently our tax dollars are spent on fuel for dual wheel Ford truck police vehicles.
Saw him with some random car pulled over along the highway - not me :)

Showing Daddy pictures of our Vancouver day trip :)

We had a few lovely critters infesting a drawer in our pantry!!
Caught 7 mice in 24 hours :)

Beautiful spring...

Off to eat dinner... more pictures next week!!


  1. Thanks for the pictures you DID share.. never worry you don't have enough-it's the quality of life you thereby show (quantity doesn't matter:)! Enjoy your munchkin on her fun transition into expressing her thoughts, needs and desires-loads of smiles on parent's side of conversation:)

  2. :) I think my sis said it all (in last comment) xo Mom


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