Friday, February 10, 2012

Last week (and a bit from this week)

Friday already... and still no post this week!!  Crazy :)  Here it is - and I will try to get back to posting early in the week!!

Last night we had a community evening at our school,
a fun evening fundraiser for the school where vendors set up tables to sell their items,
people attend workshops (a pruning seminar last night!) and speakers perform.... 
A powerful speech was delivered to us last night by the head of
Ratanak International - a mission that focuses on Cambodia -
what we learnt last night was horrifying, gut wrenching and absolutely despicable! 
In Cambodia the main 'industy' is brothels selling or renting their 'product': girls starting at the age of 5. 
Their main 'customers' are men from around the world that fly in for their pleasure to abuse these children! Ratanak International focuses on rescuing these girls
(and now beginning to also focus on the boys)
from these appalling situations.  What an eye opener!! 
For more information or to donate you can go to their website: - Please do!!

I had a table setup at this community evening to sell Printed Matter rack cards!!
We currently have 75 different card designs which include 35 new designs!
So this is where my time has gone this week....

Now, back to last week's pictures!
(The first part of last weeks pictures can be seen here!!)

Friday - I made soup!! Much to Ben's delight :)  Ranen trying her hand at eating soup!

When she makes a mess, or if I spill something - it is always - "uh oh Mommy"!!

Last Saturday we invited all of Ben's family to come play hockey in the empty chicken barn -
followed by a hot dog dinner and good times :)
What a GREAT time!!  Absolutely LOVELY :)

Ranen loves playing hockey!  Even more so with lots of people around - she is such a social bug!!

At one point in time I taped her boots to the tricycle and then she was actually able to go on her own :) 

 Jeanine taking some time to herself - she loves spending time with Ranen though and Ranen enjoys it so much!
The guys!!

Kayla whizzing by on her tricycle!!

Ranen loves the little hockey stick Daddy made for her and Courtney pretending to be camera shy!!

Much to Grace and Wim's delight they found the Herman joke books again - and then rest of us laugh at them cracking up :)

While the sun was still shining on Saturday afternoon:

You can find beauty just might have to look!
  This was just beside the chicken barn...  a little wild flower :)

Ranen in the mud and first proof of our other blessing on this blog!! 
Can't believe I haven't mentioned it before here... but yes, we are expecting another - due in June!
We had the blessing of hearing last week that so far all is looking well :)

Ranen is in the tractor as I post this blog - a little alone time for Mommy - how lovely!!
Thanks Daddy :)  Just captured this treasure moment... (right out of my office window!)
Ranen sees Mia (our lab) running beside the tractor :)

It's no wonder Daddy is her hero!!


  1. Couple quick comments - 1. Sure loving some of those new cards you have going on there:) 2. I CANNOT get the Cambodia topic out of my mind - there HAS TO be more we can do... 3. Happy for you your kids get to grow up on a farm with their Dad close by! 4. Nice blog post - always enjoy it:) xo

  2. Congratulations:)

  3. Yes, those Cambodian children, I had no clue... just keep mulling it over and over in my head... $ 4000 was raised last night and there will be a box at the school (MCCS) office. They will be accepting donations for another week. On another note: LOVE how Ranen is into that game of hockey!! Better be right beside her when her feet are taped to the some point she might want to get off:) Mom


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