Monday, January 30, 2012

First... I Heart Faces entry

I will be back with another post today, hopefully :), but first I thought I should enter this picture into the contest over at I Heart Faces! 

`Oh so Silly` is the theme this week... I right away thought of this picture...

I really like this shot of Ryan - totally himself, acting like a goofball. 
(for the record the moustache is the `hair` from the top of a corncob!!)

Check out more entries over at I heart Faces (just click on the link below):

Here`s to hoping that I will be back with another post today yet!  (I have a bunch of work to do first!! - including 3 months of accounting seeing HST needs to be paid tomorrow - OOPS!)


  1. Ha! That is such a cute picture! I have a Ryan too.


  2. This is a great funny face. Especially when you do a double take to realize what you first thought was a chocolate mustache is hair from a corn cob. =)

  3. Love the "stache"! LOL! That is too cute!

  4. Great pic, Min! HST returns? ah.. who cares - give us a blog post:)

  5. hahaha,

    This is the most funny pict i have ever seen of our boy's!
    Good job!!!



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