Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 1 of 52

So far I am having great fun with this challenge!!  Not all pictures turn out great but I find that I am capturing the moments that I would not have otherwise!  Here are last weeks pictures:

Monday - we went to sew at Auntie Cathrine's house...  a couple hours into our day we heard our kidlets giggling away upstairs!  When we went to investigate we saw them horsing around with the wet wipes box!!

Before they noticed us...

Caught red-handed ... wipes everywhere!!

Tuesday:  Our little girl loves cheese - especially when she can snatch the block from the fridge and start chewing chunks off!! (Now the cheese is always put in the deli drawer!)

Wednesday:  Many snow geese crashed in the field across the road! - hours of entertainment including "hi, hi ... hi, hi, hi ..."!

(a profile shot... don't have many of these :)

Playtime with daddy on the air mattress!!  Ranen can bounce like crazy on it and she loves it!

Thusday:  Auntie Helen and Kayla came over...  we tried to complete the Korporaal calendar - it is done now!!
Definitely not proud of this shot but Ranen just loves this horse - it sings when she rocks :)

exploring the fairly new ponytail...

Friday:  On Wednesday I showed Ranen how to do puzzle - by Friday she had mastered it!!  Keeps her entertained for quite a long time (and even shows how frustrated she can get when it is just NOT working!) 

Concentration equals visible tongue
Clapping for her accomplishment - She LOVES praise :) I better get back to work :) xo

Aunt Diane - I really hope you start to feel better soon and that your wrist starts to heal quickly! 

And Corina - wishing you the best for tomorrow - your what, third or fourth??, knee surgery! - hope this time it will be repaired for real! Love you :) xo


  1. Marlies:
    Love the ponytails...Kaitlyn used to call them water fountains..."Mom. I want a water fountain in my hair!"
    Good to see your family
    Keep the photos coming

  2. Love the update! It's so fun to see your little girl learn, eh? Mom

  3. I keep looking at your blog as well for updates;) Sure love that last picture of those adorable little fingers fitting the last piece in! xo


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