Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What a week! (week 3 of 52)

Can say that again - What a crazy week!!  Not often we get that much snow, with that much cold weather, with that much wind, with that much ice rain! And top that off with one major flu!! We enjoyed it from indoors but Ben would like to kick old man winter gone! (keeping the barn from freezing was a challenge!)  Now we are in the plus temps again and enjoying that too!! 

With already one post this week I will try to keep it mostly to pictures, and not too many words:) 
Other than...

* Ranen is in love with babies right now!
* We had our nephew Dallas here last week, much to Ranen's enjoyment but not too sure how much Dallas enjoyed a constant tag along!  As soon as Dallas left the room it would be 'where is he?', 'where is he?'
* We made a birthday cake with Dallas - it was his 10th birthday on Sunday
* Ben's mom's 71st birthday on Sunday as well...
* Ranen is trying to talk in sentences!!  And is she doesn't know what to say it will be 'duh dah dah baby'!!  or 'do da de tractor!' - great fun!!

There was a few hours in the wind storm where we could only see our mailbox out the front window!!  (seriously Dad - wish I have a picture to prove to you :)

Dallas with his cake!!  Happy birthday buddy! (we are missing you here!!)

The day after Dallas left, Ranen walked to the room where he slept and said 'where is he Dalley?'

A picture of Ben's mom (with her daughters)... happy birthday!  We wish you a blessed year ahead.

Total concentration on feeding her baby!!

Giving her baby a ride on her horse!!

Reading books in a box!  (so much better that way!)

I can ride this horse too!!! (don't know how long this horse is going to last!!)

LOVE ~ My favorite moment from yesterday...  figured I would share it early :)
(just really too bad I couldn't get a decent picture of it!!)

Have a fun week - I must get back to work:)  And baking for tomorrow's big day at the farm!!


  1. I believe I will come see you at the farm and taste some fab baking of yours! (Your MOM asked if I'd come with her:)

  2. So cute! I can't believe she is talking so much already.

  3. She is such a doll Mar:)


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