Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best Wishes

... as we come to the close of the year, we want to wish you all a blessed and happy New Year!!

We have just gone through our extrememly BUSY season and with the new year around the corner we are likely about to experience big changes.  We hope to sell Printed Matter to make more time first for my wonderful hubby (love you so much Ben) and dear Ranen and also to explore more into the photography world!  Looking forward to what it may bring :)

On top of work, December was a crazy month...  My birthday, Ben's birthday, more family birthdays, Ranen got the cold sore virus which broke out around her eyes, Ben and I went together to Whistler for a couple of nights (absolutely wonderful :) ), Silverstar with my family for 5 days, and topping it off with family dinners!! 
Wow! - here's to hoping for a little slower January :)

Well that was all written in December... now it is January 3!! 

I'll add a few pictures and wish my 'little' sister a happy birthday :)

Also letting you in on my plan for this year (don't want to call it a new year's resolution because I don't want it to fail!!! ha ha) - My plan: to take at least 1 picture every week day for the entire year!!  with the hope of catching more everyday moments like this!!! (and then hopefully blog them weekly - at least the blogging part for sure once the business is sold!)

Cayden and Ranen enjoyed there many days together in December (surrounded by our severe clutter from a busy month!! -  at least they don't seem to notice!)

Auntie Cathrine cuddling with Ranen when she didn't feel so good!

I love this boy!!  I love this picture of him :)

 Our sweetheart with her cold sore infection!  She looks at this picture and laughs now!!
Pigtails for the first time :)

Twins - always buddies :)  Love you guys

Last year at SilverStar we had a picture of the girls holding the kids like this... now the guys!!

Richelle and happy Taycin and another little one - just hiding yet for a couple more months! Love you too :)

Sledding... I didn't like the cold air in my eyes very much!!

And my sweet little sister and her boyfriend!  Happy Birthday Laura!!  You a such a sweetheart :) Hope you have a great year - supposed to be a big year for you - grad and all!!  Wish you well :)  Love you!

Well... here's to a little better, more regular blogging this year!! xo


  1. Good luck with the `resolution`!!
    Much easier than ours - to lose weight:)

  2. HEY! Just noticed you posted a blog! Always SUCH a happy moment to see an update! Poor Ranen, I already had almost forgotten how sad she looked. After a couple of incorrect diagnoses, I'm sure glad when the right prescription finally cleared it up, quite quickly... Lookin' forward to more bloggin'... Mom


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