Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It continues to fly...

... the snow that is!  We are in whiteout conditions again :)  ... and most of us are still loving it I believe!

We went out for a walk yesterday morning...  because Ranen kept pointing outside and calling for Daddy - it is the cutest thing!  She doesn't just say 'daddy' anymore she actually calls (or yells!) for him - DAAAAAADDYY!

Trying to keep our bird feeder full is a job in itself - Ben has been filling it full every morning and it is usually empty by 3ish!!

Oh, a new favorite!!! (see she can smile :) just doesn't always want to!!)

New ladybug boots ... 'eyes, mommy, eyes!!'

Playing peek-a-boo with Emma, the neighbour's puppy!

Actually LOOKING at the camera!!  yahoo!

Snowplows?  What are those - apparently Sinclair Road is not on Chilliwack's map - we have yet to see a snowplow!! (this was Monday morning...)

Poor girls woke up with the flu this morning... but Daddy didn't have to feed this morning so he spoiled her with over an hour of cuddling and watching nursery rhymes on his phone!! 

Our type of snowplow!!  Trying to keep the road clean for when the milk truck comes!!

And the driveway too!!  Thanks Love!!

Enjoy the snow everyone!  We are...  just only from indoors though today! :)

Speaking of snowplows... one just came by - no joke~!!


  1. Yah..give me Mexico any day of the week:)
    I'm stranded here as well! Our wonderful neighbor twice tackled our driveway with his quad and blade, but he must've got discouraged with the forecast and weather-he only did his this morning:(

  2. Oh, and I really love the little birds pic too! So cute!

  3. Aunt Carla...
    If it is Jim S. then give him trouble from me... he should still remember me from at Hofstede's!! ha ha
    Minny :)

  4. Nope-Mr. O'dell;) I'll be sure to ask Mr. S. about you... He's a dear;) loves us like we're his kids and grandkids! xo

  5. Watching the birds enjoy the seeds I put out on a cookie sheet outside the diningroom door is my favorite source of entertainment today! The bird feeders couldn't keep up...What a WINTERWONDERLAND - BEAUTIFUL!!! but then, I'm lucky, I don't have to go out...except we were asked to come soak in aunt Wendy's hot tub tonight...I might just venture out for that :) Mom


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