Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last week....

We had so much fun celebrating Ranen's 2nd birthday!!
2 days filled with tons of excitement...
how nice to be able to share this joyful time with family and friends:)

Ranen is thrilled with her new toys/books/cds/pajamas etc
(which means Mommy should be able to get lots of
work done during this very busy week!!)
Only on your 2nd birthday is a hand, elbow deep, in the peanut butter
jar acceptable!!  (and only because mommy had to run to the
computer for a minute and didn't see it!!) 

Friday morning's party with friends... 
 Blowing our her first candles...

Cayden's cupcake face :) 
The 'youngest' partier... (as far as we know anyway!!)

Bethany, you sweet one! 
Riley... love your mischievous grin!

 Thanks Sarah, for taking most of the pictures during the morning
... still got one of you though!!

Friday night with the Lindhout family...

The crazy guys... performing stunts!!
(slide wasn't high enough so Laura was nutty enough to hop in the fun!!)

Poolside:  Mom and Auntie Erica 


 My sweet niece Taycin... we love you so much :)
You are such a dear happy girl!!

Playing take-away:  girls dominated the guys!! lol

Plastic cups... such entertainers!!

Saturday night the Korporaal family came for a bbq... 
apparently the camera wasn't in much use!!
 Opening Uncle Wim and Auntie Grace's gift...  stuff for my kitchen!

 Blowing candles again!! and digging in...

We also bought our first house last week...
everything is finalized, we took possession on Saturday!!
The novelty of buying our first house doesn't seem to be
there just because we don't plan to live in it ourselves....
but yet, it is such a big thing!!
Renters move in on Wednesday :)
(pictures of house coming soon!!)

This is the thank you we received from our realtor!!
Greatly appreciated :)
If you ever need a realtor... think Evert from Royal LePage
We really enjoyed working with him...

We have a lot of printing to do this week, as well as some accounting
(taxes due today!), a grad reunion to prepare for for Saturday
(at our house!), renters moving into our place we just bought,
small things to fix at the house before they move in, etc!
And to think that I am doing it all solo this week...
My dear hubby is gone for 4 days and I am missing him already!
I firmly believe that it is good once in a while to have some space
but it may get interesting!...

There is a part of me that looks forward to it
and a part of me that says, really, Ben, I just want you HERE!
but, I know you will have so much fun
out ocean fishing that I really hope you have
a GREAT time!!

I believe that being apart makes you realize what you have
when you're together, shows you what each does for
the other and strengthens the bond!

Just thinking about what will I do or who I will call on...
when I have 2 kidlets crying simultaneously at bedtime,
or when I need a box of paper brought up from the basement,
or when I need to run errands/get groceries - it will be with my kidlets
or when I am bound to find another mouse in my pantry
or how to get the place ready for over 40 people on Saturday!
... it could all be interesting.
I will deal with it all one step at a time!!

Ben, enjoy your fishing trip...
You deserve some great down time!
Hope you catch a few big ones!
I love you
and will be looking forward to having you come home:)

Back to work...

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  1. ... what a lot going on! Thanks to Cathrine for helping out @ PRINTED MATTER on Tuesday, as Marlies is right now on way to dr., shaking with a fever... breast infection??? I just unpacked my groceries and am on my way... Mom


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