Monday, July 23, 2012

Making time...

... to post!

One benefit of having the blog is that
it makes me sort through my many pictures and edit a few!
(it just takes a while!)

But here we are with a few more pictures
from our trip to Alberta and some snapshots from around here:)

Our trip began bright and early on Wednesday morning... with the flight taking off at 6:30 am

Peek-a-boo auntie Corina

Once we arrived in Calgary we decided to join the crew
at Waterton Park!

 These two pumpkins sure missed eachother (Cath and Steve left the week earlier)
... they held hands (umprompted!!) walking around the town of Waterton

Up at Cameron Lake:

 Ivan and Corina made it to the big glacier in an hour...

I decided that is was probably a good idea to stay out of the rowboat with Owen!

Cayden... you are such a monkey - a lovely one!!

Prince of Wales hotel:

We stayed at (and had a grand time!!) at Jason and Ashlee's place

Getting Ranen over her fear of sheep!

Canola fields!! 

 second cousin loving...

 Most people think our Mommy's look alike
and Oma Oudshoorn thinks we look a like...

Such a cutie!!  Ranen still talks about Maddy!


then we went for a little walk... Ranen loved the breeze! 


To top it off a few pics from around here from last week:
Ivan stayed by us for the better part of the week while we took
care of one of the neighbour's farms...

Ranen loving her morning cuddles!!

Loving on her little brother!!

Hard to believe that she is almost 2!!

 And even harder to believe that he is only 8 weeks!!


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  1. LOVE Owen's smile!! That pic of Ranen in the breeze is SO cute! Mom


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