Friday, July 27, 2012

Ranen is 2!!!

Yes, she is 2!!

Can't believe that this is already two years ago...
Oh the happiness....

She filled our hearts and arms with love and joy! ... and still does!

 How fast time goes... funny how each new day brings something
new and leaves something behind... 
We often celebrate the firsts but
it seems the last goes out without notice...
like when was the last time we saw that sweet 4 tooth grin??

at 9 months:

At 1 year!

 What a blessing to have a daughter like you
to share our everyday things with...
so much fun!

Our little pumpkin...
how much we do love you!
(even when you have a mind of your own)!
Like now, when everything has to be done by "self"!!
How much we love seeing you grow...
we treasure every step of the way!

 You have been the center of Daddy and Mommy's attention
for so long, but now you must share it...
you have adjusted so well to having your little brother around!
We are proud of you sweetheart!

 2 years old!

We love you dear Ranen...
wishing you the best this year!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Ranen. Sweet, sweet photos! Those two years went by in a blink.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RANEN ! We love you, SO much! A mind of her own, just like Mommy :), but oh, what a joy!!! It's GOOD to have a mind of your own. We sure enj oy seeing her grow and is she ever a wonderful big sister, she simply ADORES Owen! How nice to see this blog this morning! Good for you, Marlies, you are an AWESOME mother and super multi-tasker :) Have a GREAT day! Mom


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