Monday, July 23, 2012

50th wedding anniversary

July 11-14 we spent in Alberta for
Opa and Oma Oudshoorn's 50th wedding anniversary!
A lovely time was had by all...

Thursday evening we had a fabulous dinner with
everyone over 16...
We were able to give them the photo book
that we had been working on for so long...
(one of the surprises that I have been talking about for a while!)
It was very nice to see how much they enjoyed it!

Then on the Friday we had a bbq with all :)

Pictures of the two days:

Opa and Oma, we wish you the very best in the years that may lie ahead...
 A family picture... one daughter/son-in-law didn't attend...

 Oma and her sweet sister, Tante Nellie :)

 The Oudshoorn lip...

Going through the book for the first time:)

Snapshots from Friday - the bbq...
 Oma's first look at Owen...

 Tanner and Kieren getting acquainted!

Thanks Ashlee for taking a couple shots of me...  :)

Jordon loving on Opa!

 Jess and Kieren and Laura with Owen

naturally, the day included a game of football

Ranen was not impressed when her second cousin wanted in on the fun of 'her' stroller!!

What a great celebration!

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  1. How cute is that pic of Ranen looking up at Opa Oudshoorn? It was a great week! Very glad we could all be there! Mom


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