Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sunny weather...

.... perfect for a bbq!!
I am planning on having like 17 ladies here
tonight for a bbq so need to finish preparing the yard/house!

Just going to share a few special pictures
that are near and dear to my heart!!

When Ranen was born we had a fabulous local photographer,
who I had won a session fee with, come a take some pictures...

We again called on Roxanna of
to come and put her fabulous talents to use
on our little family... 

So, so happy with the results!
Thanks Roxanna  :)
we LOVE the work you do...

Here are a few of my favourites!!

 Our little man 5 weeks ago....  how much he has grown!

 While Owen nursed, Roxanna snuck in a few pictures of Ranen :)

           Absolutely LOVE this pic of Ben!!

Roxanna - thanks again for capturing our little family :)

And if any of you are looking for a great photographer -
I strongly recommend Roxanna :)
She shoots anything from weddings, to maternity
to family photos
while specializing especially in all things baby,
like birth photography and newborn shoots!


  1. Nice pictures! I love your hair... looks good!

    ~ Treena

  2. Love your family pictures! And congratulations on new baby Owen! Ben has sure grown, and grown up, since he worked for us as a teenager, great to see. Dairymary

  3. Every time I see these pictures again, my heart smiles:) Absolutely delightful to see the love and glowing faces.. Love you all!


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