Friday, August 3, 2012

My love...

Today, 5 years ago, I married
the love of my life.

My best friend,
my protector,
my confidant,
my hero,
my superstar,
how to describe how much I enjoy
sharing my life with you?

My heart swells with love daily
for all the things you do for me and our family,
we are your first priority
and when you open your heart and give so freely,
we feel so blessed!

(August 3, 2009)

We have experienced much together...

living in the 600 square foot 'love shack',
each going off to work every day and coming
home to each other's arms;

travelling to Africa together,
(oh, the memories...)

 can't wait to return here one day....

Making a point of spending time together
and not always being caught up in the rush of go here, go there;

The joy of finding out that we were pregnant
to the heartbreak of losing our firstborn,
to the immense joy when Ranen was born,
and the recent special welcoming of Owen;

Moving twice and now staying put for a while,

Going on family holidays and enjoying one another's company,

choosing the right moment to ground the other,
or for pushing to the extreme,
we compliment eachother beautifully.

Working through difficulties,
to come through better on the other side,

regular visits to see you on the farm,
being welcomed with open arms and wide smiles!

hearing Daddy and Mommy for the first time,
hearts aching for the one we miss,
hearts bursting for the smiles and giggles we receive,

Hoping to spend many more years with you,
and the they may be truly blessed years...
July 2010

From the daily moments, that are so special,
to the milestones celebrated and remembered;

all my love with all my heart, all for you...

(can't wait for you to come home tonight...
love you hon!!)


  1. Congratulations, Ben and Marlies on your 5th Anniversary! We wish you many more, and above all, God's blessing! Dad and Mom

  2. Congratulations Ben and Marlies!

  3. Happy anniversary Ben and Mar!! Xo Ashlee

  4. Happy Anniversary! Jess

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Wishing you many many more years with each other:) xo CN


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