Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer :)

Summer is here in it's full glory...
It seems we find every oppurtunity to complain about the
tons of rain we receive but hardly acknowledge a
great stretch of good weather!

We have been enjoying many afternoons and evenings
in the pool...
going for walk/runs...
ripping out a rock berm
hopefully finishing off our fence (soon)
picking apples for applesauce
visiting Daddy at the farm
and much more

It has been busy!
It has been good! Real good!
 oh, how much he brightens up our day!!
(so awesome that we are almost over the colic stage!! YAY!)

Loving cherries...
we have learnt: to avoid stains - remove clothing!!

morning cuddles :)

And for extra emphasis:
I LOVE spending a nice warm Saturday
doing yardwork with my hubby!!  Absolutely LOVE!
Love being outside and love doing a bit of physical work!!
Love him and love our time together :)
{Say, didn't I say, a bit of time apart does worlds of good!
I always have and always will enjoy working alongside you, love!!}

 Bye to the rocks!! hello to more grass :)


... being boss man and making sure everyone is working hard!!

This week, we also took pictures of our new little nephew/cousin, Jarin
Isn't he precious:

Have a good week!

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