Monday, August 27, 2012


... with both kids!
They are growing so fast:
Ranen just moved into a 'big girl' bed
and loves it!!  She had absolutely no problem
with the transition - lovely!
Night 1:
When she woke up the next morning I heard the door
open and close and then "Ranen all done sleeping!"
Now Owen will be moving out of our bedroom
from his place right beside our bed...
I will miss being able to reach out my hand
and touch him in his little moses basket
but he has outgrown it so quickly...
Off to the crib in the next room he goes...
(even though Ranen is having a little trouble with that!!)
Oh, this guy is so much fun now...
another change for the better - goodbye colic!!
On Saturday, the 18th we had a soccer fundraiser tourney
for a group going down to Haiti to build houses...
We raised over $4000 for them and it was tons of fun!
(We ended up second best :) - lost 8-7 in the finals!!)
So much fun - thanks for hosting Mitch and Sarah!!
The kids loved their playground there:)

 Sweet Taycin, we love you!! :)
Lots of swimming...
Who taught my girl these cheesy smiling habits!!

Oh, fresh air, poolside = best sleeps ever!! Gotta love :) 
(taken August 17)
(taken August 25)

first time in a bumbo... (for a few minutes!)

 Gotta love chubby legs!
Please... no rolling yet :)

Corina works fulltime on the farm here now
and we LOVE having her around!!

Also... the fence is done!! Ranen gets to spend as much time as
she wants outside!! Thanks a ton Dad!! We love you!
Back to finishing our work...
we want to go camping!!

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  1. Very nice you took time to update your blog today!!! I problably checked 30 times since your last one :). Yes, your kids are growing, ever changing... enjoy! See you at the lake!! Mom


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