Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Enjoying life...

So much enjoyment...
So much love...
We have had a great week!!
Last week we spent the better part of 4 days camping
up at Cultus with my parents and family!
Not everyone slept up there but most came up for a bit
but we decided to brave the idea of camping with
two littles and I am sure glad we did!!
Ben joined us up there for one night and Ivan helped
me out in the tent the other 2 nights!
It was GRAND!

 Building a campfire with Opa
Owen is trying to get used to life now without continually being held :)!!

 thanks Mom for a picture of me with my kids... LOVE!

 We had a tiny bit of rain the one day but Ranen kept us entertained with her splits!!
Crazy girl... might need to enroll her into some gymnastics!
When we came home I had a super busy day printing on the Friday...
Ranen decided to 'help' and suddenly her paper did get pulled into the stapler
and LAUGH she did!!

Oh, you gotta love a good helper!
 As she says, 'Teach Owen pray'
and "see Owen in mirror?"
On Monday morning I decided to work through 80lbs of peaches...
Thought I would get an early start but missy here woke up at 5:45!!
and immediately started giving me a running dialogue!

Now we are set with canned peaches and a few jars of baby food...
might pick up a few more peaches to make some more jars for Owen...
A picture for Arjen and Margreet:)
Thanks again for the jumper... Ranen was twirling in it all morning!
Gotta love extended family bbqs on holiday Monday's just for the sake
of being able to play with cousins you dont see very often...
might need to change that!
Owen and Brodie enjoying eachothers company in the pack and play!

And by the way...  it is official:
Printed Matter is for sale!
I have committed to selling it by the end of the year
If you are interested, Call me for more details:)



  1. I LOVE how Ranen pulls up her shoulders when she's laughing like that! ... and "teach Owen, pray", that's priceless... Mom

  2. You have some adorable shots there, Min! I hope you find the right person to trust with Printed Matter! Quite the quality to live up to after you're done with it:) xoxo

  3. I absolutely LOVE your kids! Looking at that shot of Ranen laughing makes me have to laugh to! She has such a contagious laugh! Oh and if Owen is having a hard time adjusting after camping and always being held... Just give me a shout!:) I could cuddle with that boofer all day!
    xoxo Laura


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