Thursday, September 13, 2012

White Rock

A post to itself :)
Great times!
How much do I love spending time
with my family?
Could I love it any more?
Quality time - one of my top love languages!
Have you ever read
"The 5 Love Langauges"
by Gary Chapman??
If not, I highly suggest you do! 
A super educational book that teaches you
how to get the most out of doing the least!!
And a great read to boot!
Well, for me, ranked very high is this thing called quality time!
It is very important to me and I thrive
spending time with the people I love...
I feel loved when people decide to spend their time with me
I feel loved when effort is made to be together :)
Don't so much bother with gifts for me... just give me an hour,
an afternoon, a day, whatever!!
That is why I really enjoyed, my heart overflowed,
last Thursday!!!
I'm still in a high!!
We had fabulous weather to add to the beauty of our laid-back day!

 We arrived at around noon, the tide was just starting to go out
so we started out with a good hour walk!

Admiring the boats and the starfish!
Then we headed out to a patch of sand and just hung out for the rest of the day!

Owen was so good....  enjoyed laying on the
blanket and playing with his toys!
We forgot the box with Ranen's beach toys
(I can just hear my family - "Well, aint that so a Marlies thing to do!! lol)
but really, we didn't need them!!
Ranen was so entertained
and we found one shovel in the car! 

 This is one of my favorite pictures!! Daddy and his girl:)

 So she lays down in the water... "Ranen swimming, Ranen swimming"

 Just so you know, that's my love sparkling all around them!!  Really!
We enjoyed some icecream and a day is never quite complete without
fish and chips so we paid a visit to Moby Dick's!
Ranen did remarkably well all day without a nap
and she fell asleep quickly on the way home!
But I love this shot of her yawning:)

A day I won't soon forget!!
Now, back to that 5 love language book by Gary Chapman
I own about 3 copies if you want to borrow one!
Ben's reaction to the book was - "Everyone should read it yearly!"
Really, its great! Not a book that you have to force
yourself to read and you will learn a lot
about yourself, your spouse, your kids!!
What do you think your main love language is??
Words of affimation?
Acts of Service?
Quality time?
Physical touch?
Go out and enjoy that Autumn sunshine!
I hope to!


  1. Looks like u had an awesome day!! I too read 5 love languages:) definately worthwhile! Xo Ashlee


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