Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Motion 312

Did you know??
That in Canada, there are over 100,000 abortions per year?
That in Canada, you can abort right up until the baby is completely born?
Yes, you are right... that means if even one foot is still in the birth canal,
the baby can be 'aborted'!
That means on May 25th, Owen could still have been legally aborted!
How insane!!
That in Canada, unborn children are not considered human?
Unborn children have no rights.
Canada's 400 year old law says human life begins only at birth.
Canada is one of very few countries to have no laws
at all granting rights to unborn children.
There is a group organized online called Pass312.org.
They are trying to motivate the average Canadian to MAKE A DIFFERENCE
by emailing and calling your MP and your Prime Minister.
"The group's hope is that even though many MPs personally opposed
Motion 312, they will in the end respond to the requests of their constituents."
Please look it up online and do your part!
Parliament will vote on Motion 312
on September 26.
Between now and then we need to do our upmost
to try and convince the MPs to recognize our
unborn as human beings!
Our leader, conservative right??!!, has made it clear that he
plans to vote against Motion 312 unless he
hears from more Canadians who are in support of it!
Have you ever wanted to call the Prime Minister? 
Here is your chance!!
Take a stand. Call Mr. Harper
Ask him to protect our unborn children by supporting Motion 312
"Remember, speak in love. Never insult or speak rudely no matter
what response you receive.
However we must never, never flinch at this point where
the battle rages for the lives of the unborn." (Pass 312)
On a side note... On September 29 it is our local
Prolife walk... 5 km - want to join me??
Also, they have a pizza fundraiser... how about
putting some pizzas in the freezer.
Call 604-795-3091!
Here is the question to ask yourself...
Is it enough to just not have abortions ourselves
or is it our duty, our moral obligation,
to break our silence and DO SOMETHING??
When did your child(ren) become human?

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