Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Happiness

Happy #1:
The puppies have arrived!  Saturday evening we had Auntie Reina and Auntie Erica over and we decided to go for a walk - seeing that Jessie had one more week to go before the pups were to arrive Ben suggested that the dogs stay home, locked in the truck cab.  When returning home I go to let the dogs out of the truck to find 2 newly born pups on the floor of the truck!!  CRAZY!  Well we put Jessie into her nicely prepared (just that afternoon by my wonderful hubby!) "birthing tub" and by ten that night we had 11 new additions to our family!!  Yes, thats right - ELEVEN :) (so far they are all doing well...) 
A few pictures of the new additions to our family!

I will try keep you updated as they grow!!

Happy #2:
The other day, we stopped by BFM and hit jackpot with a few items (Ben says you can sure tell that I am Oma Lindhout's granddaughter! - apparently I have a desire for other's junk!!)  But check it out!  Ranen loves it:)
JUST FOR THE RECORD!!!  $3.50 - yup that is three dollars and fifty cents - beat that!!

Happy #3:
And then we scored a HUGE pile of big blocks (this is just a fraction of it) for 4 bucks :)

Happy #4:
Ranen is crawling rather good now!  So she is happy becuase she can go where ever she wants and Mommy is super happy because she is SO content!

Happy #5: 
Corina and I got rid of the (our portion) Agassiz eyesore!!! First cut has been mowed down on our lots! [4 hours of 'weedeating'x2 for 2 lots!!] - we just left a few blackberries so you can harvest the fruits!!!  I promise, we will try our hardest to keep it up.  My apologies to all Agassizites! 

Happy #6:
Keep smiling everyone... Auntie Laura will be home in 10 days:)

Happy #7:
Approximately one weeks till the robots should be running!!  Sure looking forward to not having my hubby go to work at 2:30 in the morning :)  We love you so much, Ben!! thanks for working so hard for us....

Going to vacuum the pool - want to be ready when the heat arrives! 

Coming soon on this blog... Happy #8!  (the joy of moving... having many new types of flowers to capture through my lens!!)     Here is one...
Enjoy your day!

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  1. Awesome blog Mar!! Thanks so much for keeping me updated while I'm way out here on the other side of the ocean! Only four more days now and I can't wait to see everyone and everything! I'm hoping your pools ready so I can play in it with your boofie! See you all soon!!!!:)


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