Monday, June 20, 2011

First Glance

I Heart Faces has a contest this week that I am excited to enter.... "Let's hear it for the boys!" is the theme - one of my favorite things to capture is the amazing bond between my wonderful hubby and our precious daughter.  This picture is one of my favorites!  This is the very first time Daddy is holding his daughter (moments after she was born) and also the first time Ranen studied her Daddy's face!  (even though you don't see her eyes - she was contently looking at Daddy's face...) Although hospital lighting is never great - I do believe this picture will remain one of my lifelong favourites :)

You can see the other entries to this contest here:



  1. I agree about the hospital lights. I love this picture because you can see the love in your hubby's eyes for his baby girl.

  2. OH! The pure emotion in daddy's eyes <3

  3. So precious! I will never forget the first moments my husband had with our boys.

  4. aww he looks soo proud :) he's wrapped around her little fingers already :D


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