Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FUN in the SUN!

Summer is delivering... we have some gorgeous weather today!

Ranen says... Taycin you should have stayed a little longer today because Cayden and I got to go outside and play with water...  Look how much fun we had!

Playing bumper cars!  (I love it because I can't get hurt but Cayden says it's not very much fun because I run him over with my walker!!)


**Thanks Auntie Cathrine ... Mommy is SO very happy to finally have a couple of pictures with me - even though I am a mess! [did you know that dirt tastes really good - don't tell Daddy:)]

My Auntie Laura is in Holland on a student exchange and ... we miss you!  But I got to wear the dress you gave for the first time today :)  how do you like it??

Well... not too bad!... 3 posts in 2 days - you asked for it Laura (you wanted me to keep you updated... I will try! - but can't promise it will be this good the whole time you are gone:)

xo ... going out to enjoy the sun!

lkd87gggkbv4ryjjmhgf                              n      n nn (ranen says hi and bye!)


  1. Thanks so much Ranen! I am sure happy that i bought you that dress! You look so cute in it! I am having a great time in Holland... Miss you all tho! Tell mommy to keep keeping up her blog because I sure enjoy looking at it! Thank you! Auntie Laura :)

  2. Nice pixs of you and Ranen!! Think it's time that you (or me) buy some muddy buddies for your little chicky!!! At least it's dirt, not slugs, Hey Marlies!

  3. Hey Marlies: you are doin a grat job with your blog! Keep it up!
    I love you Ranen! Love Meghan Lindhout~


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