Monday, June 20, 2011

Thanks Daddy!

Happy Father's Day Daddy - I love you ...  Me and 'Mommom' really appreciate all that you do for us!  You are the best!  I love spending time with you - especially at the farm.  And when you play with me and make me giggle then I am really happy.  Thank you for loving mommy and me so very much.  We feel very lucky to have a special man like you loving us.  Mommom says thanks too!

There are 2 very special ladies in our lives, 'Auntie' Erica and 'Auntie' Reina, that had birthdays last week...  They are also very loved!  We really enjoy the times that we get to spend with you and we look forward to having you over soon - (then maybe we can update some pictures too!)  Ranen says she might just be walking by the time you are here because she did stand up and take 3 steps to Mommy all on her own yesterday.  Mommy wasn't even calling her over! (and then when she reached mommy she started clapping because she knew that she was a big girl!) :)  Can't wait to see you both!  Hope you had a great birthday and we wish you many more blessed years ahead. xo

(Seriously - the most recent pictures that I have of you and Ranen - this is her in her first week!)
We'll work on that :)  WE LOVE YOU!

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