Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A LONG while...

Wow!  Can't believe that it has almost been a month (one day short of a month :) ) since I have posted a blog!  (I had one all prepared on August 11th but then computer went down and I lost it all and then the post didn't happen!!) 

Anyhow - I can gaurantee you that I will be doing one tomorrow morning for sure - Can you believe it... it will be a 1st birthday post!!!  Ranen is just walking - stands up in the middle of the floor and will go about 6-8 steps (anything more is VERY scary you know!!)

Things have been rather crazy around here - and that is pretty much an understatement.  Most so for Ben... he has been putting in approximately 85-90 hours per week trying to get the robots running smoothly!!  Hopefully one day this will all pay off with no 2:30 in the mornings (now it's one person there around the clock but that should end soon - we hope!!!)

The puppies are growing super well!  Most of them are verbally spoken for already!

A few pictures because I need to get on with my work!... hope to be back tomorrow!
Love this look!! Don't see it often :)  Taken while golfing on our family camping trip...  the one that Daddy couldn't come for (other than one night!) so we hope to head out next week for a few nights!  YIPPEE!

The 11 puppies devouring their oatmeal...  Ranen is absolutely in love with these little things - I'm rather sure that will end soon once they start nipping!

 This was the 'take the picture' then discipline moment!!

Absolutely LOVE this shot!!!  One of my favourites (even though it needs little editing yet!) - Mia is so good with Ranen it is awesome!

One of the eleven!!

(oh, ya and the flower picture post I promised... it will come - the longer it takes the more pictures I guess!!)
Here's one more flower shot to tie us over....

Hope you enjoyed... will be back tomorrow!

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