Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Can you believe it?  Our precious daughter has her first birthday today!!  We have a few parties planned... Ben's family comes today, my family tomorrow and then a few friends on Friday afternoon!  The pool is warm, the patio cleaned and we are ready to celebrate!!  Last night I started with this...

Couldn't get this picture to rotate.... !
And then we ended up with cats and dogs!!!  It took a couple hours and so my plans of making my blog post ready last night kind of flew out the window!! 

I promised a post... and wanted to do a nice long, looking-back-over-the-past-year post but got carried away with these cupcakes for today I will add a couple pictures of Ranen this morning (we gave her the doll stroller and my mom stopped by with an adorable doll!  She pushed it for an hour!!)

Will be back... xo

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday to Ranen! How quickly that year flew by. Sweet cupcakes...sweet birthday girl!


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