Friday, January 4, 2013

The big 19!!!

(I started this last night but blogger was acting
weird and freezing me out so re-doing this morning!)
My little sister is 19!
Crazy to think how fast time goes...
I just saw a 'L' in my parents garage the other day and
couldn't help but think, "Mom, you won't ever need those in this house again"...
Wow, my little siblings aren't even little anymore!
(Well, other than Ivan, he is still my 'little' brother!!)
when young and growing up with 6 siblings, she found a
way to always be the sweet one!
(well maybe just once in a while it'd slip but not often!)
When she loves you, she loves you.
She has now budded into a courageous, strong woman...
(strong-willed too - wonder who she learnt that from!!)

 You are so beautiful Laura, inside and out!

She has
extreme determination,
a hugely strong work ethic,
blessed with great smartness,
enveloping hugs,
a soft heart,
a determined attitude,
a stubborn streak
the desire to please most everybody
This past year has been a big one for her!
She graduated from high school as a star of her class!
Blessed with the ability and desire to learn, she won many scholarships
and is now in university with the desire to
complete her bachelor of science and be a teacher!

 Yes, we are proud of you and wish nothing but the BEST for you!
We love you like crazy :)
Hope you had a great day yesterday!
Out with Dan to Vancouver - biking the seawall and more... so fun!
We love you like crazy, wish you all the best!
You deserve to be treated like gold... you are such a treasure!
another busy semester awaits you... 
Keep up your spirits, have fun with it, go rock it sis!
(before you know it this fun stage will be past -
and then you will wish you sat back and enjoyed the craziness of it all!)
- yup, big sis, telling you stuff again! - I'll stop now.
xo - love you!

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  1. Very well thought out, Marlies! Laura, "our little preemie"-19- where has the time gone?!! We love you, girl, and admire your many strong points ( now, please, clean your room! Lol) Be true to yourself, and allow yourself time to do the things that are important. Love,Mom


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