Tuesday, October 1, 2013

At long last...

I've heard from SO many people
who have been anxiously waiting for a glimpse
at the album that was created for Dad and Mom...
without further delay...
the first 39 pages!!

 I'll try not wait too long to post more :)


  1. I so enjoyed browsing through your album. What a wonderful collection of photos from the first 30 years! Wishing your parents many blessings on the journey that lies ahead.

  2. YEAH! I love looking at these photo books:) Looks awesome Mar!! It sure does look like a lot of work! That is a ton of pictures!! I cant believe how curly everyone's hair was as kids:) And boy does Chris look like your dad in some of the pics!
    xo Ashlee

  3. And... For me... I NEVER have to worry again about ALL those beautiful pictures in ALL those boxes and totes... The Work is ALL DONE for me!! These are the only pictures I ever need - ALL IN ONE BEAUTIFUL BOOK!!! I'm SO lucky!!! Thanks again girls, but especially Marlies, for all the tedious, countless hours figuring out when each picture was taken and putting it all together into such a beautiful book! Xo Mom


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