Friday, September 30, 2011

Mix and Match

Wow!  It has been a great week...  My mom took Ranen for the day yesterday which gave me some good solid time to focus on the pressing jobs!  We accomplished much in one day of uninterrupted work :)  What a good feeling!  Thanks Mom :)   Then last night, Auntie Reina came to help with some printing work so that I could keep designing...  what a great day yesterday!... feels so good to have so much accomplished :)
Printed Matter, the graphic design and printing business, is going really well.... very busy!  And with Ranen wanting much of Mommy's attention we have been doing many early mornings, etc.  Seeing that I really just want to focus on being a Mommy and wife we have decided to sell the design/print company and I am going to focus more on my photography:)  I will be keeping the business till just into the new year, and then will be ready to part with it... it feels like I am letting go of a good part but I know that I will be happier if I am able to focus on Ben, Ranen, the house - for those of you that really know me, you know the house keeping has been lacking - the yard, etc.  Now I am considering taking the New York Institute of Photography course because I love my camera and I am in my element taking pictures and it is something that I can do as much of or as little of as I desire! 
The farm is slowing down and is very enjoyable these days...  preparing for corn harvest, spreading of manure, planting cover crops, and harvesting grass....  a very fun and busy time of the year!  We look forward to many a tractor ride with Daddy!  Since March Ben has had over 150 hours per pay period (2 weeks) and now just had his first pay period where he had less... so he welcomed the slower time before the busy harvest season begins!  Thanks for all the many hours you put in for us, Love :)

Wednesday afternoon my friend Christy and I did some more canning...  this time we tried our hand at salsa (a recipe from a wonderful friend, you can find the recipe here)  We made 6! recipes and all but one of the jars sealed...  what an awesome sound to hear the popping of the jars as they seal...  At least you know that you are not eating just salsa for the next week because it is preserved and now can last us all winter!! 

I finally got to taking some 1 year pictures (taken at 14 months!) of Ranen...  I need to edit them yet but will share a few that I have edited.   Before I edit her pictures I still have another file that needs to be edited...  we took family pictures of great friends of ours and they will be shared on this blog soon!  (for now I will post one, or two of my favourites from them!)

Thanks Huib and Willie... more pics to come here soon!

For Ranen, smiles and eye contact were hard to come by...  but we tried!!  4 favourites for now....

And just when Mommy thought I was growing into my cheeks...  one more picture to prove that I'm NOT!!  I love my cheeks, and so does Mommy....

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Love the pic's...cheeks and all!

    Glad your salsa making party went well. I did the recipe x 6 as well.


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